[Cast Update] Baby Driver 2: Ansel Elgort is returning with Jon Bernthal & Lily James, Release Date & Other Major News

Heist movie fans will see High octane, the fast-paced car chase in the newly announced sequel

Sony Pictures officially confirms the much-awaited sequel of the hit movie Baby Driver. 2017 movie Baby Driver made a dent at the Box-Office. Although the movie used a small budget of only 34 million dollars, it managed to earn 226.9 million dollars worldwide. The movie was received well by critics and fans alike. It turned out to be a lucrative venture for Sony Pictures.

Baby Driver Background

Baby Driver is a crime-action drama movie that narrates the story of a talented getaway driver, Baby. Baby has tinnitus and finds relief in music. The movie is thrilling because of fast-paced, high octane chase scenes.

In almost every chase scene, we see Baby rushing the car, avoiding traffic, and taking razor-sharp turns while listening to pumping music. Most of the time, the robbers are successful just because of Baby’s driving skills. In addition to this, Baby aims to free himself and his girlfriend from a life of crime.


Baby Driver 2 Cast and Crew

Details of the plot are unknown, but we know that Ansel Elgort will reprise his role as Baby along with Lily James, who portrays Baby’s girlfriend, Deborah. Moreover, CJ Jones, Jon Bernthal, and Micheal Peter Balzary will reprise their roles.

Furthermore, two new actors are going to be added to the existing cast. One will be the new antagonist, and the other will be a female character. Furthermore, the new female actress is said to act “as a foil to Lily James’ character Debora.” Edgar Wright, who directed and wrote the first movie, will again serve the production house as director and writer.

The production may start in the last few months of 2020. By this time, lead actor Ansel Elgort would have wrapped shooting for Tokyo Vice and will be available for filming Baby Driver 2.

Baby Driver 2 Release Date

The studio has not announced a release date yet.


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