SAD New for Harry Potter Fans, Emma Watson Shut Down Tom Felton Dating Rumors

The Harry Potter duo was again in the news and this time because of their link-up rumors. Reel life Hermione and Draco may not have been in good terms in the series, but real-life Emma Watson and Tom Felton had something cooking between them. Initially, Emma Watson posted a picture with Tom promoting his series and congratulating him. They were in their casual outfits, which made us think that, were they hanging out together? Their fans were freaking out as they could relive the Harry Potter moments, as well as they, were happy seeing them together after so long.

Tom Felton also posted a picture giving guitar lessons to Emma Watson. They looked super cute in the picture. But after a while, it felt as if they were just ‘rumors’ because the actress was snapped kissing a mystery man in London. This disheartened their fans as they started connecting them together by names like ‘Dramione.’ Their love story never existed in the reel and real world. In Harry Potter, also Draco used to bully Hermione, and they never fell in love with each other.

Though it was still a misconception that Draco had a crush on Hermione, it seems they have been just good friends. The very pretty Emma Watson, the crush of many teenage guys, had even been in a relationship with Prince Harry, who is now happily married to Meghan Markle. She had many relationships in the past, also though she doesn’t like her personal life to be disclosed.

On the other hand, Tom Felton has dated Jade Olivia Gordon for about 8 years, who also appeared as Draco’s wife at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 This was a huge shock to fans as after a commitment of such long time they would no longer be able to see them together again. Apart from this, he also dated the Originals and Vampire Diaries fame actress Phoebe Tonkin. She later dated Paul Wesley, who starred in the same series. There have been no rumors since then of both Emma and Tom being with someone else after kissing the mystery man controversy. Fans are supposing that it’s a secret that they both don’t want to share. It would remain a mystery for us too.


Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen DIVORCE RUMORS on the Internet are totally FALSE & Baseless

The windmills of news are always around. Along with many important and unimportant headlines are appearing every hour. Here is another spicy one. It has time and again been questioned whether the senior pastor and co-pastor of The Lakewood Church getting divorced. So, here we are again to confirm the accuracy of the words. Joel and Victoria Osteen are happily married since. Blessed with a son and a daughter, the couple has
rigorously worked for the cause of Christianity, while being together for sweet 30 years.
The rumors of them getting divorced is high again. But like mentioned before, they are just rumors. There is nothing more to it than falsehood. Without any doubt, there have been many happy knots untieing, but this doesn’t seem to be the case between these two. Although Victoria and Joel have kept their life quite private from the crowd, this hitched best selling authors have been the bag of many allegations and rumors, but then this the cost you have to pay for fame. The couple has not given any comment on the above speculations. Joel Osteen is one of the most famous pastors and televangelist in the USA.Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen DIVORCE RUMORS on the Internet are totally FALSE & Baseless
Joel has attended the college to learn Radio and television communication but dropped out later. He has delivered several New York’s bestselling books. His sermons are viewed by a massive seven million across the land on a weekly basis and twenty million per month.
While Joel has credibility, his better half is none less. She has worked in her family-owned jewelry business. Victoria attended college to acquire knowledge psychology. Although she girl in her teenage, she molded herself as an inspiring, confident lady in her adulthood. She was raised in a motivating strong Christian culture, and from the start, she had seen life from a different perspective. The woman has also authored a few best selling books.
Joel took over the ministry of the church in his father’s last day. Victoria had fallen in love with Joel at his first sight; after taking the vow of marriage, Victoria joints her husband as co-pastor in the Lakewood Church. Joel and Victoria have several times shared their gleaming couple pictures on their social media handles. Their quotes and preachings on the importance of love and marriage reflect their bond. The family of four Joel, Victoria, Jonathan, Alexandria, lives a harmonious private life in Houston, Texas. We wish the couple years of happiness together.

Is there Still a HINT of AFFECTION between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Everything from stories of their relationship to marriage and then to having kids, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the most talked about couple in their times. The duo created a huge sensation with their movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The romance, the eye-contact, and love hidden in tussles made the movie highly acclaimed across continents. Soon, the couple was given name as “Brangelina,” which set a bandwagon to jump into as after that many other celebrity couples were called by such names. Brad Pitt had many relations before getting married to Angelina. Some of them were Gweneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

According to Aniston, as once she told in a report, Brad Pitt is a simple guy while Angelina is a bit complex, and he does not fit into that special place with her. Often celebrities are asked about other celeb’s life where they are most of the time quite diplomatic. But Anniston told the fact what she felt keeping diplomacy aside. From having three biological children to adopting the other three, they were in constant touch with the paparazzi. The remarkable thing is that when most of the celebrities in our country use their clout
to make their undeserving children enter into the entertainment world, Angelina said to People that none of her kids were interested in being actors.Is there Still a HINT of AFFECTION between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Even her daughter, Vivienne, was not interested when Angelina asked her to work in her sequel “Maleficient.” This can be ascribed to their upbringing. At one point in time, Angelina was shattered when she faced severe health issues and had a replacement for her ovaries. Also, her mother died due to ovarian cancer. Those were the times when Brad Pitt stood like a pillar in her life. Though rumors of their fights and Brad Pitt’s improper behavior with his children had floated around once. The American romantic movie “By The Sea,” written and directed by Angelina herself, was shot in 2014 during their honeymoon in Malta. Jolie said to The Hollywood Reporter that “By The Sea” was the last effort of sorts to sustain her marriage, which ended in 2016, a year later than the premier of the movie.


Is Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Engagement rumor b’coz of Liam Hemsworth & Maddison Brown’s Relationship

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split was a big-time shocker to the whole world. It created an uproar among the fans and created more drama than any Netflix series. The Hunger Games actor parted ways with ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, in less than a year after their marriage in December 2018 After the surprising split, the romance of Miley with Kaitlynn Carter left everyone shocked and baffled. On the other hand, Liam Hemsworth and his new flame were recently spotted in New York City.

They both were papped holding hands together and heading for a romantic date. The duo was spotted at The Flower Shop Bar, where both of them were seen enjoying a few drinks. Apart from them enjoying their drinks and holding hands, the duo was also spotted kissing each other. Liam and Maddison were seen sharing a passionate kiss after dinner. Maddison is a 22-year-old model, an actress from Australia. She is best known for her role in Dynasty Reboot on Netflix.Is Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson Engagement rumor b'coz of Liam Hemsworth & Maddison Brown's Relationship

Brown starred against Nicole Kidman in Strangerland in 2015 Apart from acting, Brown has also walked the ramp for Calvin Klein and has been featuring in Vogue Australia too. According to sources, the 29-year-old and his new love interest are keen on taking things “slow” after his intense and disorderly relationship with his ex, Miley Cyrus. There are no proper sources as to how Maddison and Liam met, but what we do know that Liam is looking forward to this relationship. One of the insiders commented, “He is so into her and likes her. He feels like Maddison gets him and understands him, partly because she is also Australian.” If we trace back our internet investigation, in one of Maddison’s interviews, she revealed that she would fuck Liam Hemsworth.

According to the sources, Liam is entirely over his ten-year relationship with Miley Cyrus and doesn’t give a damn about Miley and her new relationship with Cody Simpson. According to a resource, Liam has zero plans to get in touch with his ex-wife. The source further continues to say, “He’s leaving everything in the past and is in a different place now.” Well, this sounds really mature of Liam.


Johnny Deep and Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Controversy Seems Never Ending, Amber Heard get Access to Johnny Depp’s mental health records

Problems for Johnny Deep has been accelerating day by day with context to his real-life situation between him, and his ex-wife Amber Heard, the accusations made from either side are horrible and terrific. In the fight against those accusations, Johnny Depp is not only claiming the accusations against him are false but also raising counter questions against the pieces of evidence presented in front of media by Amber Heard.

A doubtful environment has been created around Amber Heard when she suddenly put up accusations just after the time when Johnny Depp decided to file a 50 million defamation lawsuit against her, this gets much worse when the Pirates of the Caribbean star raised questioned about the authenticity of the marks of the injury which were shown by his ex-wife, as the marks have suspiciously been disappeared after two-three days, he also forwarded a statement that he never had in his entire life has been violent to any other women.Johnny Deep and Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Controversy Seems Never Ending, Amber Heard get Access to Johnny Depp's mental health records

Meanwhile the Amber Heard’s lawyer has been aroused psychological angst along with physical abuse upon the actress by her ex-husband and had stated that Johnny Depp is trying to manipulate the sources through dismissing the psychological aspects of these abuses, upon this Johnny Depp shared some of the pictures where his face was bruised as a result of his ex-wife’s outburst. Following the picture, Johnny Depp has described how he got that mark, he states, Amber Heard tried to throw a bottle at him that hit his face and his fingers which results in injury.

The box of secrets and violent outbursts pictures and stories being put up by both the stars are making their fight uglier and uglier day-by-day. With time more twists and turns have been popping up in between two, which brings up to a question that the upcoming lawsuit would be able to resolve the fight between two-star celebrities or this fight would go on till it becomes nasty and horrendous. Recently Johnny Depp made himself grab in some news due to his pale, thin, and emancipated looks that worry his fans about his health conditions.

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Emma Watson CONFIRMS she isn’t DATING Tom Felton Despite Fans wanting them Together

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, its very obvious to know the super-intelligent Ms.Granger and the bad boy of the story Malfoy. From not being so friends at Hogwarts to finally behaving like a couple, we have come a long way off their much-proven friendship. Through the series of films, we all grew up watching their much hatred relation, but that It doesn’t remain the same in of screen too.

From reel to real, it has been proved many times that they are much more than friends. When fans are really eager to know what’s cooking in between them since 2011, the recent upload of Tom in Instagram made us heartfelt through a caption mentioned, Champion After her break up with Chord, Emma started hanging out with Felton again in Nov,2018 and their trip to South Africa surely upgraded their friendship level. From a skateboard ride to living enlighten date, they have proved quite a lot of time to be a couple.

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And previously we all were aware that Emma has a huge crush on Tom Felton when she opened up about it for the very first time in 2012 on Jonathan Ross Show, but when Tom Mentioned here as his sister, the fantasy came to a permanent end. Between the ages of 10 and 12, I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton. We all love a bad guy, and he was a few years older, and he had a skateboard, and that’s all did it really. He used to do tricks on it. He was so cool. He totally knew [I had a crush]. And the thing is he would turn and go. “Oh, I see her in a younger sisterly way.’ And it just broke my heart, still does.” Tom opened up about the reunion to magazine, revealing that they actually meet up with each other pretty often. “Lovely Emma. We do see each other quite a lot actually. We just don’t always post pictures about it,” Tom told Us Weekly. “Everyone loves the reunion of it. We’re
reuniting all the time we just don’t always post it on Instagram.”

So what’s cooking in between in them? Their fans would be enlightened to know about the new rumor between the duo. Fans are already freaking out about their closeness, is it really a reunion or something more to it? We would love to have them together.