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How to Root BlueStacks? Fastest method For rooting Bluestacks in 2021

If You are looking for a Guide on “How to Root BlueStacks” then you have come to the right place. BlueStacks is a popular android emulator. You can install and run the android application on a computer and laptop through BlueStacks. The application has a size of 442 MB. BlueStacks is available in 48 languages. It is one of the most successful android emulators. For running BlueStacks you will need a system containing 2 GB of RAM and a minimum of one processor core. Install BlueStacks on Windows and Mac for playing android games or apps on the bigger screen. Read the Full Guide below.

How to Root BlueStacks? Fastest method For rooting Bluestacks 2021

Read the steps below to know  Install Bluestacks on your Windows and Mac.

  1. Go to Google using any browser.
  2. Now go to using your PC or Laptop. It is the official website of BlueStacks.
  3. You will see a green-colored button called ‘Download BlueStacks’ on the home page of the website. BlueStacks application will be around 400 MB depending on the version. So, install according to your PC or laptop’s capacity. Although BlueStacks 4 is preferable.
  4. A file named ‘installer.exe’ will get downloaded into your system. It will take a few seconds. Accept the policies by opening them. It will make some changes to your Desktop or Laptop.
  5. Don’t forget to customize the location for your file. Now hit the ‘install now’ option and wait for some minutes. 
  6. Your system will restart after the download of BlueStacks. Then it will ask you to sign in to your google account. 
  7. Just enter your email address and password for the sign-in process. Go to the settings option and make changes according to your requirements.
  8. Finally, BlueStacks is ready to use.

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How to Root BlueStacks? Fastest method For rooting Bluestacks 2021

Currently, the latest version of BlueStacks is available for users for free. But BlueStacks is not rooted. So, you are required to root BlueStacks for better use. There are multiple merits of rooted BlueStacks. You won’t see any pop-up ads, sponsor ads, and many more after getting the rooted version. This process requires 2 things. Firstly, downloading and installing BlueStacks. The second is the BlueStack Tweaker. BSTweaker 6.7.1 is the latest addition in it.

After downloading and installing BlueStacks, you will need BlueStacks Tweaker 5 or 6. Here is how you can get BlueStacks Tweaker on your system:

  1. Open your chrome browser or any other browser of your choice.
  2. Go to
  3. Download the latest version from the website. The options will be available on the home page. Click on download and select a location for your file. Choose the latest version BS Tweaker 6.
  4. Wait a few seconds and run the file.
  5. It will take some time and you are all set.

With this last step, you are ready to root BlueStacks.

Now you have both BlueStacks 4 and BS Tweaker 6. Below is the method to root BlueStacks in your system.

  1. Start by launching BlueStacks 4 on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Now extract and open BS Tweaker 6 
  3. There will be a Helpers tab. You will see a  Root for BlueStacks option.
  4. Click on patch or unlock. You will see a patch option on your screen. 
  5. Go install the latest version of SuperSU from here.
  6. Click on update SU Binary for updating it.
  7. Then restart the BlueStacks on your system.
  8. Now your BlueStacks is fully rooted. Visit the play store and install root checker on your system. Use the root checker for checking if your application is rooted or not.
  9. After checking you are all done.

Conclusion: How to Root BlueStacks, Worth it?

BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators. If you want to play android games like Pubg, Free Fire, Subway Surfers, Call of Duty, and more on a bigger screen. Then BlueStacks is a great option. You can also use apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Just install, root, and run this application on your system and enjoy. You will need 2 GB of RAM and a processor on your desktop or laptop. BlueStacks is not a pre-rooted application. So, you are required to root BlueStacks for better use. There are multiple merits of rooted BlueStacks. You won’t see any pop-up ads, sponsor ads, and many more after getting the rooted version. You need 2 things for rooting BlueStacks. The first is downloading and installing BlueStacks. Secondly, BlueStack Tweaker. Using these two along with SuperSU, you can root BlueStacks in your system. These are all freely available on the official website. After all these steps, don’t forget to use the root checker for confirmation. And yes it is worth it!

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Download Hitfilm Express Free For Windows/Mac { 484Mb/399MB }

Are you guys looking to Download Hitfilm Express?? Here is the right place for you. this is a free video editing application with advanced VFX tools. You can make your video, film, or gaming videos a perfect one using this application. It is a perfect application for film students, YouTubers, Vloggers, gamers, and many more. It is a perfect app to create highly content videos without any budget. It provides you the creative possibilities to improve the content of your videos. You can use this app without paying a big budget of coins and make cool transition videos and CGI effects. This software also contains a wide range of editing tools to edit your videos.

About This Video Editing Software

Hitfilm express was developed by FXhome that combines video editing, compositing, visual effects, and animation. It also has an option for 3D editing. It is the only free software to include all in one editing and amazing visual effects. It is totally free and doesn’t ask for a penny to download. Some of the editing tools have price tags that are actually meant for professional video content makers and who need high-tech software to keep up with their grand designs.

Download Hitfilm Express Free For Windows/Mac { 484Mb/399MB }


The main feature is that it is very easy to use and there are many editing tools. It also gives you a 3D effect to your videos. Here are some main features of Hitfilm express.

1.ADVANCED TRAIL: One of the main reasons that Hitfilm can be appreciated is that because of its advanced trail. It allows the users to track the movement of the objects in the video. It also allows you to change the position of the objects.

2.ANIMATION TOOLS: Hitfilm Express has a wide range of editing and animated tools to make your videos look attractive. This allows you to make a transition in your videos without the creation of composite shots.

3. ADDING MUSIC: Hitfilm allows you to create and edit the audios in the video. Hitfilm provides thousands of music of all types. It has 90’s music, pop songs, romantic, and many more.

4. 3D CAMERA PROJECTION: This application also proved the option to add 3D effects to the video. You can convert a normal 2D video into a realistic 3D video with a complete scene.

5. EASY TO USE: If you want to use video editing software, you just have to go to the play store and just install it. After installing, you have to just login using the e-mail id or Gmail.

I would like to conclude that the Hitfilm express is far better than the other editing applications. It is also a free editing app that will make your videos look amazing. It also has many filters and animated tools. So, I recommend you all to use this amazing application.

Download Hitfilm Express: Steps

Click the Link button below to join our Telegram Group to download Hitfilm Express quickly.

Window Installer version 15.1.10413 ( 399MB ) and Mac Installer version 15.1.1097 ( 484MB )

Run the HitFilm Express installer file by double-clicking on the file icon (this requires administrator privileges on your computer). Follow the instructions to complete the installation and launch the program.

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Tinytask 1.77 download for Windows! Best automation software

Tinytask Software download below! Suppose you do tasks repeatedly in your machine. And want automation in the performance of repeated activity so that you can relax. You have to train your machine. Also, your device needs to have high-end specs. But what about those who don’t own a high-end specs computer. Worry not we’ve got your covered. You can train your machine even if you have low specifications on your device. With the help of this software, you can prepare your desktop to do almost any regular activities that you’re in the day to day life.

Tinytask 1.77 download for Windows! Best automation software

Vista-software Pvt Ltd. creates this software, And it is available in the market for absolutely free.

Feature of Tinytask

Tinytask is a Lightweight software nearly about 333 kb. Due to its small size, this software can run smoothly on devices having low-level specifications.

A primary focus of this software is to record your typical day to day activities which you want Tinytask to do on behalf of you and perform them continuously every day until you want Tinytask to stop.

Just like Iron Man stores his different assistants in different cards. With the help of Tinytask, you not only can record your activities. But also you can save them as individual programs, by which you can execute them whenever you want. Isn’t it cool?

Salient features: Tinytask

Tinytask is made in such a way that it’s UI is minimal; it has only six options through which anyone can learn how to use this software. You can run multiple actions at once instead of running each one manually. You have to press the record button and perform what you want it to do, after that press the record button again to stop recording. To complete the task, you have to click the play button, and that’s it. Tinytask will automatically perform what you recorded.

How to Download Tinytask

Go to our telegram channel and directly download the software from there

How to use: Tinytask

  1. The user interface of this software is pretty simple. Without a manual, you can learn how to use it.
  2. Open Tinytask software from your desktop.
  3. At the top right corner, there will be six options from there click on record option.
  4. Perform the task that you want to be automated and after the job is finished, click on the record button again to stop the recording.
  5. After that, click on play to perform the task recorded by you.
  6. To automate the task, click on exe button and voila your job is automated.

Specification of Tinytask software

  • License:


  • Language:


  • OS:

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP

  • Version:


  • Total downloads:


  • Developer:


  • User rating:

    8/10   (2234 votes)

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