Cells at Work Season 2 is Returning & Creator have Teased 2021 Release Date & Other Details

The much anticipated and appreciated Japanese manga series ‘Cells at Work’ would return with its second season namely ‘Cells at Work! Code Black’. It was revealed through their official Twitter account on March 2019 as well as in Morning Magazine of April 2020 that the second season would be premiered in January 2021 The anime television series first season was directed by Kenichi Suzuki and animated by David Production.

The series consisting of 13 episodes was premiered on July 8, 2018, and was telecasted on Crunchyroll in North America, MVM Entertainment in the United Kingdom, and Animax Asia for Southeast Asian region.


Cells at Work is a Japanese manga turned animated series that revolves around the human cells which work together for the well-being of humans. The two protagonists are the newly joined ‘Red Blood Cell’ a.k.a ‘AE3803’ who in spite of messing up with her tasks gives her best towards her job.

On the other hand, we have the persistent yet soft-spoken ‘White Blood Cell’ a.k.a ‘U-1146’ who usually helps AE3803. The manga, as well as the series, received a vast fandom and appreciation throughout.

Anime UK News rated the series 9 out of 10 The manga secured the seventh position for male readers in Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Guidebook in the year 2016 as it sold millions of its copies in print. The series impressed the medical professionals so much that a University in China went so far as to assign it as ‘homework for its Biology students.’

The manga has been adapted into a light novel, stage play, and has recently ventured its Mobile App named ‘Always Cells at Work’ which has started with the pre-registration process for those who interested.

After the well-received accolades for their first season and as the world is facing a medical horror in the literal sense, this light-hearted medical comedy might bring a much needed refreshing change.

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