Chris Pratt’s Upcoming “The Tomorrow War” Release Date, Cast Revealed!!! [Past-Soldiers Will Return to FIGHT a War for the Future].

Earth calls heroes of the past to fight a war at present for the future.

Chris Pratt revived his dying acting career with Disney-Marvel’s Guardian of Galaxy and Dinosaur handler Owen in the new Jurassic Park film series. Chris Pratt is ready to return to the silver screen with a new animated movie Onwards which also stars Spiderman Star Tom Holland. Both Tom Holland and Chris Pratt have lent their voices to the main characters.

The Storyline of ‘The Tomorrow War’

The lead actor of Guardians of Galaxy will feature in an action, sci-fi film Tomorrow War. Paramount Pictures had decided to name the film Ghost Draft but later changed it to Tomorrow War. The movie will contain elements of time travel because Chris Pratt plays a father, husband, and soldier who is drafted to fight a war in the future. This war is not against a nation but against aliens who are invading the Earth. Furthermore, somehow the fate of humanity and the outcome of the war depends on Pratt’s ability to correct wrongdoings of the past.

Ensemble Cast 

The film features an extensive ensemble cast that includes Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sam Richardson, Jasmine Matthews, Edwin Hodge, Keith Powers, Mike Mitchell, Alan Strong, Seychelle Gabriel, Alexis Louder, and Chibuikem Uche.

Chris Pratt’s Upcoming "The Tomorrow War" Release Date, Cast Revealed!!! [Past-Soldiers Will Return to FIGHT a War for the Future].


Zach Dean wrote the script and director Chris McKay has been roped in to direct the movie. Chris McKay directed Lego Batman and in the future may direct the live-action adaptation of a Nightwing movie. Chris McKay may also direct the Jhonny Quest movie,

Release Date of Chris Pratt’s Upcoming “The Tomorrow War”

Production House Paramount Pictures has decided to release the movie during the Christmas Holidays of 2020. Tom Hank’s News of the World will also hit the theatres at the same time. Trailer for the movie is not out yet but is expected to release sometime in summer 2020.

Fans of Chris Pratt are excited about the movie and cannot wait for the movie to release.

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