‘Chrissy Teigen’ SHAMED & Forced to APOLOGIZE!!! to ‘Beyonce’ for being ‘awkward’ with her

While the Oscars went smoothly, it seems that the after-party didn’t go so smoothly. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were the hosts for this year’s Oscars after-party.

There have been no details about the exclusively inclusive party yet. Although Chrissy Teigen has let out a few tad-bits of the party details, she thought that her meeting with Beyoncé was a little too weird and publicly apologized for it.

Teigen cringed while reminiscing how awkward she was when she had met the Formation singer. She felt obligated to ask for forgiveness towards her interaction with the party hostess.Elle

Teigen and her husband John Legend attended this year’s Oscars. They got themselves involved in the Vanity Fair’s post-ceremony party. Chrissy graced the party in a stunning high slit green dress while John Legend adorned a classic black suit with a cute bow tie.

Chrissy posted on an Instagram post, revealing her next dress. She draped herself in a white flowy dress, which is decorated in a tired design. In addition to that, she apologized to the Halo singer.Elle

Teigen posted that she was feeling extremely nervous around Beyoncé. Furthermore, Teigen winced at the thought of her reaction to a meeting with the Single Ladies performer. She told me that if there is even a minute chance that the singer is going to read this post.

Then, Chrissy has some to say. The model said Beyoncé should turn a blind eye on the way how Chrissy had repeatedly stared at Beyoncé. She expressed her trembling anxiety about meeting the sensational star.

Although Teigen stressed that she and her husband love her and are very grateful towards her. It turns out, Chrissy is not the only one who goes starstruck over the queen bey. Emilia Clarke had also previously shared a similar response.

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