CJI Ranjan Gogoi Appointed as a Member of Rajya Sabha: Here are some Facts and Reasons!!!

CJI Rajan Gogoi was nominated as a member of Rajya Sabha by the honorable President of India Ramnath Kovind. 

The President has the power-cum-duty by the Constitution of India that allows him to nominate members to the Rajya Sabha. He can choose 12 people for six years each. The nominee is judged on his contribution towards the remarkable fields of arts, science, law, and literature. 

The nomination was a surprise for all. Here are the reasons supporting his candidacy in the Rajya Sabha. 

  • Ranjan Gogoi always respected the dignity of his chair and passed unbiased judgments.

Rajan Gogoi was the 46th Chief Justice Of India. He is known for passing judgments on the historic Ayodhya Verdict case that was unsolved from more than 500 years and a prominent Rafel deal case. 

The way he passed the verdict on the Ayodhya case proves his ability to make unbias decisions and intelligence to solve massive conflicts. He also passed judgment on the Rafel case stating no unethical activities are associated with the Rafel deal. The way he studied every document of Rafel deal shows his dedication towards his duty. 

His intelligence and honesty are what the country needs. And after becoming a member of Rajya Sabha, we can expect his participation in uplifting the society and betterment of the Nation. 

CJI Ranjan Gogoi Appointed as a Member of Rajya Sabha: Here are some Facts and Reasons!!!

  • Highly qualified and intellectual citizen

He owes a BA, LLB degree from Delhi University. He started as a judge in the Guwahati high court and then became the judge of Punjab and Haryana high court. Later he was chosen as the chief justice of Punjab and Haryana high court, and later, he became a judge in the Supreme Court of India. 

In 2018, he was appointed as the 46th Chief Justice of India. Gogoi is hugely experienced in his field and known for his wise decisions. Therefore he is a person who has shown his excellence and deserves to be a part of Rajya Sabha and serve the Nation more with his knowledge and wisdom. 

  • Ranjan Gogoi solved the Supreme Court crisis through his intelligence and patience. 

On 12 January 2018, Gogoi and three other Supreme Court judges named as Madan Lokur Jasti Chelameswar, and Kurian Joseph conducted a press conference. They revealed the problems plaguing the court, in terms of failure in the justice delivery system and allocation of cases.

He further revealed that the press conference was prompted by the issue of allocating to Justice Arun Mishra, the case of the death of the special Central Bureau of Investigation, Judge B.H.Loya.


  • Questioning on the honorable President’s decision and right


The honorable President of India has the power to decide for the welfare of the Nation. As a responsible resident, it is our responsibility to trust his decisions. 

If he is nominating someone in Rajya Sabha and using his power-cum-duty, there must be something excellent with the person. 

So here were the reasons I justify that the nomination of Ranjan Gogoi is the right decision for our Nation’s welfare. 

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