[CONFIRMED] ‘Christina Applegate’ Is Returning In “DEAD TO ME SEASON 2”, Who’s Gonna Die?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More

The dark comedy series Dead to me is coming back with its darkness in the second season. The two main protagonists Jen and Judy came across each other in a support club.

Jen, herself suffering from the pain she is facing due to the death of her husband in a hit and run case. The two different people with polar opposite personalities become friends and carry on the dark comedy. 

The 2019 series became a hit due to the screenplay and the story. The first season ended with the murder of Judy’s ex-fiancé Steve. Moreover, recent talks expected the release of season 2. 


The first season came on screens in May 2019, so we are expecting the release of the second season will be during spring 2020. The officials will soon release the dates in an official announcement.[CONFIRMED] 'Christina Applegate' Is Returning In "DEAD TO ME SEASON 2", Who's Gonna Die?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More

The writer Liz Feldman made a confirmation about the existence of the second season, but due to the world condition, the release might get delayed. The season will be on screens by 2020. 

The cast will not change. Dead to me cannot get accepted without Jen and Judy. They will return as they have to tell the reasons for such darkness. Christopher, the partner of Judy, the youngest son of Jen Henry and Charlie, will return. Apart from them, Abe and Cop Nick will also get casted in the second season. We might get to see new additions of the cast for the new season.

The trailer will be out soon. Everyone is expecting the teaser to be out by April.

Season 2 will carry out some twists and turns and unusual happenings. It will be a little different from the first season. The creator, Liz Feldman, is trying to make the second season more happening and full of mystery.
The expectations are high for Season 2.

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