Critical Process Died? Fastest Method to Fix the Errors in Windows 10

In this article, we will be discussing Windows 10 in-depth and how to resolve the Critical process died Errors in it by taking certain measures. For more information on Windows, do read the article given below.

Windows 10 is a program of Microsoft’s operating system and officially released on n 29 July 2015. The program is a replacement to Windows 8.1 as it was a huge success and helpful to all the  Microsoft users around the globe. It has a new system such as Windows Update, Microsoft store, and many more. It can be downloaded for free and is available with two editions: Home and Pro, That too with 32 bit and 64bit options for each.

The Windows have been upgrading since then and has come up with many features which are quite helpful to everyone such as for meeting, college assignments and many more. Many of us have been interrupted by the blue screen on our PCs with the message critical process died while working, and you had to restart but can’t help it. So, worry not here, in this article you will get all the solutions to your problems. Just take a deep breath, relax your mind, and read the article.

What causes Critical Process Died Errors

Critical Process Died? Fastest Method to Fix the Errors in Windows 10

Basically, It is called the Blue screen of Death(BSoD) and is also known as STOP errors and can be caused by some breakdown in your system such as RAM issues, bad sectors, corrupted files, overheating. Normally the message pops up to aware the user about some unauthorized activity in the system and prevents them from the trouble before time. And I will highly recommend you to resolve all the problems because it might occur in new PCs. So, be careful.

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How To Fix Critical Process Died Error in Windows 10

There are many ways to solve the Critical Process Died errors, and this article ensures to help you throughout, so worry not. But, first, you need to read the instructions carefully.

  • Your first step is to enter into Safe Mode in Your Windows by restarting various times until you see three options, or you can press Shift+F8.
  • Then click on troubleshoot, then advance settings, and then enable Safe Mode.
  • Go to the service tab and check to Hide all Microsoft option and open the startup tab there, you will find the Open Task Manager and impair all the services.
  • Please restart your computer so that it can resolve your errors for the time being.
  • Your second solution can be by upgrading driver software by installing and reinstalling if any fault is found.

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Revert To Previous Working State

If you’re wondering that once your PC is ready to use, you might have lost the data you were working on. But, here is the solution you can revert it by using system restore. All you need to do is go to Advance Settings there; you will be find the System restore box. So check on what you wish to restore and then go ahead and make the required changes. That’s all. Now, your computer is all set and ready to use.

I hope this article might have been helpful to all the users and relieve a bit of stress. If you wish to read more articles regarding games and other applications, don’t forget to Follow Herald Journalism for more updates like these.

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