Dark season 3: Release Date and everything you should to know

Do you know how a family tree formed? -yes, but what if people travel over different timelines? Can you figure out what? The Dark series is just like who born between chicken and egg in the first film. It ended 2 seasons of 18 series. Season 3 expected to debut in the fall of 2020 or mid-2021.


A Journey Through Time:

The season broke down into four Doppler, Neilson, Kahrnwald, and Tidemann families. Doppler’s family, as husband and wife, consists of Bernd and Greta, who gave birth to Helga, who will create the time machine. Noah and Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte, who married Peter, son of Helga, they both have Mary, a baby girl.

Dark season 3: Release Date and everything you should to know

Agnes is Toronto’s grandma, who marries Jana and gives birth to three children named Ulrich. Ulrich married Katrina and has three sons, Magnus being the older one, Mather being the middle one, and Mikkel being the younger. Ines Kahrnwald has a son named Michael, who has a boy named Jonas and is married to Hannah.

People go missing and teleported through three dimensions in the show, with a difference of 33 years, 2019, 1986, and 1953. Mikkel, the son of Ulrich, lost because of a Time Travel wormhole created by Helga.

The death of Mikkel leads Ulrich to miss his son again. Ulrich found out that because of Helga, his uncle Mads and Mikkel went missing. Now, he’s living in 1953, where Helga, an 11-year-old boy who gets Ulrich killed. Helga’s parents find out about Ulrich, however, and arrested in 1986.

Time Traveling By Jonas:

Jonas was moving time to stop his father, Michael, but he thwarted by the future Jonas because if the younger Jonas kills Michael, he never born. We also see Noah as the evil character in the whole show, creating a time-traveling chair with Helga and playing with Mags, Ulrich’s brother, who flies in 2019 but was not happy because of the Time-traveling chair.

These events continue to occur in a sequence in which the past represents the future, and the future reflects the history, Like a loop. I hope this Loop breaks, and we find missing people like Agnes, Helga,, and Claudia’s husband from the family tree.

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