Delhi Issues E – Token Portal Of Liquor Crashes!!!

The current situation of the world is not good, and the whole world is facing the ever large shutdown of this era. Where the whole world is suffering, then, of course, India is also suffering from this pandemic situation as we know that India is the world’s second-largest populated country.  So to run this country, we need socially, economically, or financially stable.

But in the coronavirus crisis, the country is facing the shutdown for both economically or socially.  To solve the economic problem or we can say that to make the economy stable government takes the decision in 3.0 lockdown that they can open all the liquor shops in the country, but everyone has to follow all the rules.

So, when the state government issued this policy in their states, then there is so much rush on the roads.  And no one is following the rule of social distancing etc.

To prevent everyone from spreading the coronavirus and also to maintain the social distancing, Delhi Government takes major steps to launch the e -token portal for Delhi people.  The thought behind the launching of the portal is crystal clear that they want to maintain the social distancing between the people’s and they don’t want any rush or chaos in the shops or on the roads.

While on the portal of the Delhi government

people can apply for the token, and after getting registered, then they get the time slot of their nearest liquor shops.  And that time slot people are allowed to get their liquor from the shops easily. But here Delhi government plays a trick that they were charged “special corona fee,” which means that they charge 70% extra over the liquor price. After knowing about the extra fee on the liquor, the general public doesn’t get affected by this high price.

Instead of affecting the rush in the shops, it was the same, just like earlier.  And due to the heavy rush or we can say that the excess demand for liquor on the- portal resulted that the site was crashed. And the government has no other ways to solve this problem.

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