Demon Slayer Season 2 News: Broke Record by Selling 6 million Manga copies, still people are eager for the SERIES!! DAMN.

Your life is going to take a weird turn now because a different series is here that you can watch…okay, so who was scared by the demon under your bed in childhood?

Well, I was, which got me thinking about that a little more, which got me interested me into a series Demon Slayer part 2 (I know it’s not related, just the name!!), this series has become so popular and attracted so much audience. If you are a person mad with anime, then you better tighten your seat belts because this ride is going to be full of adventures.

And to think this Japanese series has won our hearts is simply awesome, the first season aired on 28th September 2019. the 17th volume for this manga series will be releasing on 4th October, which has given us a little more hope for the second season to air soon, and the manga series are inferior will be a great understatement, otherwise selling 6 million copies is not a game.

The only disappointment lingering in the packed schedule of the studio and considering that the studio works on only one big project per year lowers our hopes, this show got so much appreciation that soon after the ending of season 1, the movie had released giving no room for the hurt to the audience.

If the success overweighs, as much as we think it is then maybe the show will be given to a bigger company to give us the satisfaction of watching it again without any delay.

Being an anime it takes a while for them to be released, the best guess according to the sources is 2022, until then we can have fun watching the movie, so as of now we can only cross our fingers and wish for it be as early as possible.

Also, we understand that being this popular demands the season to be dubbed so the English audience can rest assured that the dubbed season will air on Toonami on October 12th as per the official Facebook announcement.

So I got my refill for series full with demon slayer 2, What have you got?

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