Disgusting Nirbhaya Rapist saying SORRY!!! & Want Pardon from DEATH PENALTY

One more turning point in Nirbhaya’s case has taken place on February 29, 2020, when one of the four convicts of nirbhaya’s has filed a curative plea in Supreme Court

ON February 17 Court has declared a fresh date of execution of death warrant on March 3 rd at 6 am. But, Pawan Gupta(25) has recently filed a curative petition to the Supreme Court. As a result, he will get sought on the execution of the black warrant issues by  Trial Court for hanging

The victims of Nirbhaya’s who were consistently trying to escape from the trap. Earlier four out three victims Mukesh Singh (32 ), Vinay Kumar Sharma (26), Akshay Kumar (31), have filed the plea, but their plea had been expelled.

Mukesh Singh had filed a petition to the Supreme Court, and Court has dismissed it on 1st feb2020. Vinay Kumar Sharma had filed a petition on 29 January to president Ram Nath Kovind, but it was dismissed.

The Nirbhaya’s physiotherapy inter who has been brutally raped and killed on 16 February 2012. There were six guilties, in this case, one is juvenile, and the other five are adults, out them Ram Singh commits suicide. The juvenile released in 2015.

These victims are taking the help of the law to avoid punishment. They were trying to fill plea just before the hanging date, but this not long-lasting.

Lastest plea of Pawan results in delays in the execution for two weeks. The people of India and mother of the victim are still asking Court when will culprit get his punishment . . .

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