Disney is Finally Getting Their Hands on “National Treasure 3” The Cards!! Here’s all We know…

When the Little National Treasure debuted in 2004, we knew little that over the years, this historical mystery of adventure would become a much-loved franchise. For example, the film made it clear that it an’ Indiana Jones made.’ But Benjamin Gates de Cage presented to us. And he offered some action-packed history lessons in his way that made the film a favorite for the family.

Despite receiving lukewarm reviews from the media. The film was a success that boosted worldwide to $347 million. Eventually, a sequel to Treasure National Treasure followed in 2007, which led Gates to another adventure. The third part of the show planned. Almost directly after its end.

It has been 12 years since National Treasure’s final episode. Not much has happened despite the discussions and rumors about National Treasury 3. The third installment seems to have been trapped under production boundaries. This year, however, things are finally changing. We have good reason to believe that Benjamin Gates will shortly be revisited in another of his legendary feats.

Disney is Finally Getting Their Hands on "National Treasure 3" The Cards!! Here's all We know...

National Treasure 3 Storyline:

The Story National Treasure 3 story has still not been announced. The possible reason for this is because in terms of the film’s success over the years. The third installment script isn’t ready yet. But we can certainly expect another adventure at Benjamin Gates. And maybe this time, the United States will be overtaken.

The film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, is about President Abraham Lincoln’s murder. The book of mystery is John Wilkes Booth’s diary. And also, one of the 18 missing pages indicates Gates ‘ father was a conspirator in the assassination. Gates embarked on an adventure to come across the hidden truth.

Although nothing has been said about the film’s plot, an adventure could begin, which will take us out of America.

Cage said in an interview in 2012: ” It would be fascinating to move the national treasure to South America. ”

Nothing has been proven so far, of course, and that interview did years ago. The script for the movie has been going on for a long time, and even ended twice.

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