Do we have Release Date for “Mindhunter Season 3”? Jonathan Groff is Ready for Screen!!! Release Date and more.

Mindhunter won the hearts of all crime drama fans with its release in 2017. Created by Joe Penhall and talented David Fincher, the show is a treat for all those who crave the dark psychological crime drama. Charlize Theron, David Fincher, and Joe Penhall are the Executive Producers of the show. The show is based on a true-crime book of the same name written by Mark Olshaker. Set between the 1970s and 1980s, fans get a glimpse of the origin of the infamous Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI.

We follow the brilliant yet quirky Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), who teaches hostage negotiation at the beginning of the show. However, due to his interest in the psychology of crime, especially serial killers, he is assigned to the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. Actor Holt McCallany plays the role of Holden’s partner Bill Tench. Initially, the travel around to teach police departments about serial killers. But, Holden is ambitious, and he wants more. He wants to interview living serial killers where he then meets the illustrious Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton).

Do we have Release Date for "Mindhunter Season 3"? Jonathan Groff is Ready for Screen!!! Release Date and more.

Anna Torv, as Wendy Carr, also joins the team to help with the behavioral analysis once the project of interviewing serial killer takes off. She is an invaluable part of the team. The first season ended with Holden having a panic attack after meeting Kemper. He realizes that he is in over his head. The second season he was released in 2019 after a long gap. Set mainly in the 1980s, the second season covered the Atlanta Murders of 1979-81.

What to Expect with ‘Mindhunter Season 3’?

Fans probably devoured the entire second season of 9 episodes in one sitting. The show is addictive and tough to set down because of the overarching screenplay, depth of the characters, and, most of all – the depravity of the human mind.

Do we have Release Date for "Mindhunter Season 3"? Jonathan Groff is Ready for Screen!!! Release Date and more.

Fans have been waiting ever since for getting more updates about the show’s future. However, there is some bad news for the fans of the show. In January 2020, Netflix announced that the show had been put on indefinite hold. It is some measure of relief that it has not been officially canceled. Fans will keep hoping for the cast and the crew to get back together to give us more.

The most anticipated elements of the show are the glimpses of the notorious BTK Killer (Sonny Valicenti). The creators have been teasing the fans with the development of the BTK. We were hoping to see Holden cross paths with him soon, but it looks like that even if the show somehow comes back, fans will have to wait for a long time.

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