Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 6 “Praxeus” Brings a MAJOR SHIFT in the Series, Release Date, Plot & More

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 6 could not have been more exciting as the new teaser indicates we may see a major shift.

BBC’s long-running hit-show Doctor Who is on the path of making history as fans may see a major turn in the upcoming episode. Season 12 has been throwing a new twist at viewers in almost every episode so far and looks like the biggest one yet is to come. The sixth episode of the new season picks up right where episode 5 titled “Fugitive of Judoon” left.

Judoon went into a frenzy and started inflicting a lot of damage. The doctor and her team went back to Earth to stop him before he could cause any major damage. Fugitive of Judoon also introduced the first black woman Doctor Who portrayed by Jo Martin. The location of the last Episode was Gloucester, UK.

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 6 “Praxeus” Brings a Major Shift in the Series

How is it Connected?

The location of episode 6 includes places like the Indian Ocean, Peru, Madagascar, Hong Kong. The doctor and his team try to find a link between a missing astronaut in the Indian Ocean, strange behavior of birds and a Navy Officer who washing ashore. The teaser features a colony of bats attacking a lab, Gunmen firing Lasers. In the background, we can hear the Doctor saying ‘Two identical deaths on Two identical continents. It’s even more dangerous than I thought.’

In the final moment of the teaser, we see Yaz with grey eyes and white fang-like substances on the side of her face. Furthermore, The teaser looks action-packed, thrilling and may keep you glued to your television screens. Fans are wondering how episode 5 and episode 6 are connected and what will happen in the coming episodes?

New Cast [Update] 

The cast of ongoing science fiction television series currently includes Jodie Whittaker as the time-traveling Doctor Who, Mandeep Gill as Yaz, Tosin Cole as Ryan Sinclair, and Bradley Walsh as Graham.

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