Does Charter offer reliable TV services?

With the ever-growing popularity of streaming services, customers around the world are cutting down on cable TV. However, there are still many who consider traditional cable TV as the ultimate source of entertainment. It offers a wide variety of channels that are suitable for multiple audiences. It has options for sports freaks as well as technological geeks. Children can watch their favorite cartoons and shows, while adults can enjoy various other entertainment channels.

Many ISPs are providing cable TV services to customers all over the United States. Among these, Charter stands as one of the biggest telecommunication companies, which is providing internet, cable TV, and phone services. They have millions of customers nationwide. The connections are based on a hybrid fiber-coaxial network that allows for a faster flow of signals. If cable TV is what you’re looking for, then Charter offers a variety of plans, ranging from basic to premium.

The least expensive TV plan offered by Charter costs around $50. Many customers get confused when they are comparing ISPs according to prices. They are unsure if it’s actually worth it to pay this much for a cable TV connection. We’re going to highlight some of the benefits that you can get with Charter. If there is still any confusion left, you can always contact their customer service. They are available 24/7 for all kinds of assistance.

Cable plans and their prices

Does Charter offer reliable TV services?

The TV plans offered by Charter can be divided majorly into three categories. These are known as the TV Select, TV Silver, and TV Gold. All of these plans offer optimum services with just one exception, and that is they differ in the number of channels available. The price for any of these plans depends upon the features that it offers as well as the equipment of your selection.

Let’s look at each of these to give you a clearer idea of what you will be getting in case Charter is your chosen ISP.

Charter TV Select plan 

We are beginning with the most affordable option that Charter offers its cable TV consumers. The price for this plan starts from $44.99 per month. It stays the same for the whole year, but once that tenure is up, it is bound to go up. In case you want to stay with Charter, we suggest you consider their bundles. They offer more in terms of services and features.

The TV Select plan offers over 125 channels. They offer entertainment and infotainment for the whole household. Starting from an amazing sports lineup and ending on everything about kids, this plan is just perfect for any family. Customers can access thousands of on-demand titles and shows of their choice. Every cable TV plan comes with the Spectrum TV App feature. You can watch live streaming of your favorite TV channels on any of the smart devices that you have at home.

Charter TV Silver Plan

The Silver category is one step above the Select category. Charter offers better services and features as you go higher in the hierarchy. Customers stand to get regular HD channels as well as many premium options, like HBO and Showtime. So, if you want a mid-level plan that comes with a few extra perks then the Charter Silver TV plan is the best choice for you.

Customers get more than 175 channels with this cable TV plan. Moreover, if you’re the do-it-yourself kind of a person, you get access to channels like DIY Network. Other valuable channels that Charter users can get include LMN, Golf Channel, CBS Sports, Disney Junior, FS2, and much more. These are not available with the Select plan. The monthly cost of this plan comes at $74.99. this price is exclusive of any equipment or surcharge fees.

Charter TV Gold Plan

This is one of the most amazing cable TV plans by Charter, offering more than 200 channels to customers across the USA. If you love regular cable and don’t want to compromise on the valuable features it provides then we recommend Charter’s Gold plan. You get more than 200 channels with premium content like Starz, HBO, Showtime, MAV TV, MTV Classic, Nicktoons, TMC, NHL, BET Her, BeIN Sports, Crime & Investigation, Destination America, The Cowboy Channel, and so much more.

This plan costs $94.99 per month, and the price will remain the same for the first year.

Let’s consider some of the major benefits that you can receive in case you’re a Charter customer:

HD channels

Tired of your existing ISP and bad video quality? Invest in Charter’s high-definition cable TV service. The DVR records all your favorite shows and titles in HD. There are unlimited entertainment possibilities with Charter.

Spectrum TV App

If you have mobile data or access to Wi-Fi when you’re outside, you can simply start watching all of your beloved shows through the Spectrum TV App. It works brilliantly on all your smart devices. They include TVs, smartphones, tabs, etc.


Charter services come without contracts. This means that you can shift or cancel their service without worrying about any termination or cancellation charges. There are no fixed terms for staying with Charter. You will not be liable to pay any fee for choosing a no-contract ISP. Moreover, Charter offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all new customers. So, if you don’t like the plan or the service, you have the option to cancel it without any trouble.

On-Demand titles

Get access to thousands of on-demand titles, including movies and TV shows. You can get this either through the TV application. Or, you can call the customer services and get the salient features that are offered with Charter cable TV plans.

These were only some of the amazing perks of choosing Charter for telecommunication services. You can find more details regarding their offers on the Localcabledeals website or contact customer services for further assistance.


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