‘Don Cheadle’, ‘Karen Gillan’ AKA ‘War Machine’ and ‘Nebula’ Relationship is Confirmed in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4”.

Marvel universe inhabitants, War Machine, and Nebula’s relationship are confirmed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4.

The duo of the unusual pair we got to see in the Avengers: Endgame has rapidly started making a ship. By all means… You know the relationship ship that doesn’t sink, that one. The pair, even though belonging to the opposite ends, have the same deadpan personality.

The scene where Nebula and War Machine see Peter Quill carry out his usual unusual antics sets both of them off. Peter Quill could be seen dancing with his Walkman and kicking adorable tiny animals for sadistic fun. We could observe the frown that adorned both Nebula’s and War Machine’s face. Jim Rhodes asks Nebula if Peter Quill is some kind of idiot to which Nebula nods her head, agreeing.

War Machine' and 'Nebula

Jim Rhodes’s character has been set to portray a subtle tint of power mixed with a massive amount of seriousness or aloofness. Nebula’s character, which is pretty much the same enlists her the most suitable partner for Rhodes. Don Cheadle performs his role impeccably without getting much hate for his impassive character. What we appreciate about Don Cheadle is his talent to show the audience the scenario in his shoes.

Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, is yet another villain on their journey to redemption. Her survival in the Avengers: Endgame has been a surprise to most of us. Her work first thinks later attitude had made us think she won’t be spared by her dad Thanos. This is again what Nebula and Rhodes have in common, both were the most anticipated members to get eliminated first and fast. Since their expectation of death was intense, the Russo brothers went in the opposite direction.

They can be entitled as the deadpan duo.

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