Donald Trump is FURIOUS!!! after Iran’s Leader SHAMED!! & called a him CLOWN!!!

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump fired back Friday evening at Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had once ridiculed him as a “clown.” Then in a later tweet, Trump said Iran’s leaders must stop violence and make Iran Great Again!

Iran’s so-called ‘ Supreme Leader.  Who hasn’t been so Supreme recently, has a few nasty things to say about the US and Europe. Trump. Their economy is collapsing, and its people are suffering. In his words, he should be very careful!

What Khamenei Called Trump a “CLOWN”?

Hours after Khamenei called him a “clown” to “push a poisonous dagger” into the back of Iran, Trump tweeted.

Khamenei has praised Iran’s military after it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane in a rare public address as he led Friday prayers in Tehran.

Donald Trump is FURIOUS!!! after Iran's Leader SHAMED!! & called a him CLOWN!!!
Trump Warns The Supreme Iranian Leader

Additionally, Khamenei condemned Trump. The United States for a deadly drone strike against a top Iranian officer.

The villainous U.S. government repeatedly claims they stand by the people of Iran. They are lying, said Khamenei. If you stand with the people of Iran, it’s just to stab them with their venomous daggers in the heart.

Trump Tweet In Farsi:

Trump later tweeted a message to Iranian citizens in another post-Friday night, including a riff on his campaign slogan of 2016, “Make America Great Again.

Rather than leading Iran to disaster, its leaders will give up violence, and make Iran great again.

Trump tweeted that message in Farsi, too.

Trump went on to write in support of the people of Iran in response to an earlier Khamenei tweet.

US President Donald Trump ridiculed and threatened Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday after Iran’s supreme leader earlier in the day dubbed him a “clown” as he answered prayers in Tehran.

They’re collapsing their economies, and their people are suffering. In his terms, he should be very careful!

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