Amber Heard FIRED!!! from Aquaman 2 after Alleged ABUSE!!! on Johnny Depp but Who Will Replace Her

Will fans get a new Meera in Aquaman 2?

The world knows about the messy divorce of Amber Heard and Jhonny Depp. Both the sides presented their story, and recent audio recording vehemently suggests that Amber Heard hit Jhonny multiple times.

Petition to replace Amber Heard has also gained momentum. The latest reports suggest that Amber Heard may lose her role as Meera in the upcoming DCEU movie Aquaman 2.

Studio Warner Brothers are seriously thinking of replacing her because fans have turned against her, especially after the release of the audio clip. Before the release of the audio clip, Studio was considering replacing Jhonny Depp in the Fantastic Beast franchise.

Story so far

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finished their 18-month long abusive marriage in early 2017. Amber Heard claimed that she is a victim of domestic violence, and Depp physically abused her. This led the general public to side with Heard. Depp faced ire of the netizens. They mocked and insulted him for being an abuser.

As a result of this, Depp presented his side of the story, claiming he is the victim who faced violence from Heard.

This move boomeranged as no one believed Depp. Furthermore, trolling on Depp intensified. However, Battle turned in favor of Depp when a recording was released wherein Heard admitted hitting Depp and calling him a baby.

Nothing is Certain

News of executives at Studio seriously thinking of replacing comes from a reliable source. This source in the past has correctly reported various news, all of which turned out to be true.

For example, John Cena playing Vin Diesel’s brother in new fast and furious Diana getting her Golden Eagle Armour in Wonder Woman sequel, among others. The news of Heard being replaced may turn out to be false because there is no official statement on this issue yet.

Moreover, Heard may get the support of lead actor Jason Momoa and Director of Aquaman James Wan. As of now, there is no certainty, and nothing can be said.

Only time will tell if Heard will wear the crown of queen of ocean or not.

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