Universal Studios just CONFIRMED Fast and Furious 9 Release Date 2021

Fast and Furious 9 Release date

I don’t know about you, but after watching the trailer, I cannot keep calm. F9: The Fast Saga races to theatres on April 2. 2021. Fast and Furious 9 is going to be lit.

Fast and Furious franchise is back with mind-blowing action stunts and a story about family.

Universal Studios just released the trailer of the 9th Fast and Furious Movie titled F9: The Fast Saga. The trailer gives us hints about the plot of the film and insane action stunts.

Some of the earlier characters which are making a comeback include Sean Boswell portrayed by Lucas Black, Jason Tobin as Earl, and Sung Kang as Han. Han had been killed in Tokyo Drift by Deckard Shaw, but the trailer reveals that Han is alive and kicking.

Return of the Dead?

Towards the end of the third fast and furious movie, Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) visited Sean Boswell, indicating that he may be investigating Han’s death and return of characters from the third movie in this film explain Vin Diesel’s cameo in that movie.

Universal Studios just CONFIRMED "Fast and Furious 9"!!! Release Date, Cast, New Plot and More.

The seventh installment of the film was about Dom Toretto’s team getting Justice for Hans by taking down Deckard Shaw and Han’s protégé Sean Boswell was expected to join Dom’s crew and family but did not appear in the seventh film.

Timeline Fixed?

The timeline of the franchise is a little messed up, but the new movie may solve this mess. It can also be said that the events of F9 take place a few years after the events of the last movie as the trailer shows that Dom has a son who is a few years old.

Furthermore, the trailer reveals that Jakob, portrayed by John Cena, is the main villain and younger brother of Dom Toretto. To make matters worse, Jakob joins forces with Cipher, played by Charlize Theoran, who was the main villain in the eighth movie to take down Dom. The movie will have to explain the timeline, absence of Han, and history between Dom and his brother Jakob.

Mindblowing Action Sequences in Fast 9

Last but not least trailer gives a glimpse of never seen before action sequence. Some of them are long armored truck being tossing over vertically, airborne cars being caught by planes, and cars swinging like Tarzan to cross cliffs in the middle of the ocean.

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