Patrick Rothfuss’ “Doors of Stone!” is Finally Here: Final Book in Kingkiller Chronicle, Release Date News

The Kingkiller Chronicle, doors of stone is perhaps one of the most popular trilogy book series worldwide. Authored by 47-year-old Patrick James Rothfuss, Kingkiller Chronicle is a masterpiece for all the fantasy fanatics out there. The book is about a musician/swordfighter/magician named vote, who is rumored to have killed a king. 

The Kingkiller Chronicle series is divided into three books. The first book is  “The Name Of The Wind,” which was released on 27 March 2007 and quickly gained popularity among the readers. The second book is ” The Wise Man’s Fear,” which was released on 1 March 2011 and drove fans crazy. Together, Patrick James Rothfuss sold 10 million copies of the first two books. The Kingkiller Chronicle is being compared to the book ” A Song Of Ice And Fire” by George R.R Martin. 

Patrick Rothfuss' "Doors of Stone!" is Finally Here: Final Book in Kingkiller Chronicle, Release Date News

The long-awaited third book, ” Doors of Stone,” was supposed to be released sometime in August 2020. The news turned out to be fake. Moreover, Patrick James Rothfuss said in a video that was posted on 28 April 2020, that if he would publicly announce the doors of stone release date, it would be all over the internet and there would be a press release and news everywhere. As of now, the book is still in progress, and no further official details have been given by Patrick James Rothfuss himself. All the so-called “official release dates” are just hoaxes created by random people. 

It is possible that the release of the book will be delayed due to the outburst of the pandemic as the imposition of quarantine will make things slightly harder for the publication to publish the book, amidst all the hassle that is currently going on. 

As unfortunate as it is, the readers have to keep their cool and wait for the book a bit longer than they expected. Currently, the doors of stone release date is unconfirmed. 

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