“Emilia Clarke” Replaced Amber Heard In “Aquaman 2”: What “Jason Mamoa” Has to Say About This??

Could you imagine someone else in Amber Heard’s role of Mera in Aquaman 2? Well, you must have an image of Mera without Amber as everyone is speculating who will handle the role after the former will be fired. Recently, we got an opportunity to see Game of Throne’s Emilia Clarke in the popular role, which made its debut in Justice League 2017.

Mera: A Pivotal Role

Amber’s Mera had a very small role in the 2017 movie but was greatly appreciated due to the help she facilitated to Aquaman. Later on, the role was back in 2018 when Aquaman hit the screens, and Amber ruled there too.

Why Amber Heard Cannot Be Mera?

"Emilia Clarke" Replaced Amber Heard In "Aquaman 2": What "Jason Mamoa" Has to Say About This??

The actress had left no stone to be turned to do justice with the role, but the rumors about her being ousted from the DC’s movie Aquaman 2 swirled in when her legal feud with ex-husband, Johnny Depp escalated to another level.

Emilia Clarke As Mera!!

Reports even claimed that she is fired from Aquaman’s sequel, which was denied then only. But it seems like the audience still believes this, and in this process, an Instagram user presented us with an imagination where we could see Emilia in the role of Mera if in case Amber is shunned. No doubt, the Game of Thrones’ actress has a great fan following.

Emilia and Aquaman’s protagonist Jason Mamoa had already shared the screen once in Game of Thrones’ first season and looks like the Instagram user with the name dcmarvel.rdm and others who constantly liked the artwork wants them again to be co-actors.

Fans are quite excited, and some others are tensed, which is making them eager to know whether Amber Heard is reprising her role or not. Let’s see what comes ahead. Well, we haven’t heard from anyone on this artwork as to what they think of it.

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