Is “Emma Watson” Single or Having SECRET AFFAIR?? ‘Harry Potter’ Actress’ is Dating “Tom Felton”!!!

“There ain’t no need of light cause I glow.” This line is best suited for none another than Emma Watson, who is a great actress. The quote suits her because she needs no one in her life as she prefers to be single. She used to be in many relationships, but neither of them worked. In a recent event, she told everyone that she is self partnered, which means she is not in a relationship at all.

In her past, she has many boyfriends like Tom Felton, Cole Cook (Entrepreneur), Brendan Wallace, Chord Overstreet, William, Roberto Aguire, Prince Harry, Matthew Janney, Will Adamowicz, Johnny Simmons, George Craig, Rafael Cebrián, Jay Barrymore, Francis Boulle, Angus Willoughby and Tom Ducker. But, it has been rumored that she is in a secret relationship with Tom Felton, her co-actor in the Harry Potter series.

Is "Emma Watson" Single or Having SECRET AFFAIR?? 'Harry Potter' Actress' is Dating "Tom Felton"!!!

Some things do not easily come into the limelight, and they have some evidence to support their claim. In one of the posts, Tom shared a picture of them claiming Emma as a fast learner. This shows that he also used to have a good time with her. Also,

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