Feel Good Season 2: What’s Next In Mae’s Personal Life? Read Expected Plot & Release Date

If you are looking for a show which will make you laugh your guts out, we have a suggestion for you– Feel Good!!!

The British TV series, Feel Good focuses on genres like comedy and drama. The first season of these six episodes show was released on the 18th of March, 2020.

Feel Good Season 1 Plot

The storyline of Feel Good season 1 explores the modern-day conflict between gender and sexuality. It follows the life of Mae, a recovering addict, who by profession is a comedian in England. To bring her life back on the right track, she tries to control her addiction and even intense romanticism, which affects the different aspects of her daily life. As she struggles with her identity of being a woman, she starts dating George, a woman with emotional boundaries higher than the skyscrapers.

Feel Good Season 2: What's Next In Mae's Personal Life? Read Expected Plot & Release Date
Feel Good Season 2: What’s Next In Mae’s Personal Life? Read Expected Plot & Release Date

This show will give you an insight into the life of Mae, her conflict of identity, challenges in her professional life, and emotionally unstable relationship with her new girlfriend.

Feel Good Season 1 Plot: Expected Story

Well, not much can be said about the plot of Feel Good season 2, at the moment, but what is the harm in making guesses?

Fans can expect to see more of Mae and George’s relationship and how they both try to make it work. Season 2 will probably focus again on Mae’s personal and professional life, and we will get to see what height will her character achieve in her career.

Feel Good season 2 is expected to center around the main themes of the show, which are- sexuality, addiction, love, and societal pressure.

When Does Will Feel Good Season 2 Release?

Even though the makers of Feel Good have yet not officially renewed it for the second season, but after the positive response it received, things seem to be useful when it comes to the second season.
We can expect a second season either in late 2021 or early 2022.

Where to Watch FG Season 2?

Feel good has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and is available on Netflix.

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