Finally!! Attack on Titan Season 4 is all set to release in the Fall of 2020. Read more to know the details.

Notoriously known for epic delays, ‘Attack on Titan Season 4’ is all set to release this fall in October 2020. The show follows the story of Eren, the protagonist, along with his friends, Mikasa, Levi, and Armin, into the world of gigantic Titans, who are a threat to humankind.

This fantasy anime, power-packed with extraordinary action, will take you on a thrilling adventure and will leave you awe-struck.

With years of living peacefully inside the massive walls, when it is finally breached by a humongous titan, the security of the people living there is at stake. The titan then claims the life of Eren’s mother.

Infuriated by his loss, the boy pledges to avenge his mother’s death and eliminate every living titan from the face of the Earth.

The one where it all comes together

At the end of the last episode, when the scout finally gets a glimpse of the sea, we find Eren contemplating if he is ever going to be free. Well, it is a question that prevails in the minds of the viewers too.

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“Attack on Titan” Season 4: Is this final Season?

Since this is going to be the last season, the viewers are quite excited about how Hajime Isayama chooses to put it all together and give the epic show the ending it deserves. Whether the last season will be released in parts, like the previous one, or as a whole is still unknown.

Final battle

Season 4 will highlight the last battle ever between humans and titans. We are sure to find out if Eren is able to honor the blood of his mother and the oath he took as a young boy. Will he reclaim the freedom he yearns for, or will the titans win the upper-hand and rule the Earth forever? Stay tuned to find out!

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