Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 Release Date & Story: {Spoilers}

Fire Force brings the fire with it indeed! The show inculcates most of the characteristics of a Shonen anime. The amazing visuals plus character designs and the marvelous addition of a supportive soundtrack uplift the status of the show. Otherwise, it would’ve been an ordinary and conformist stock representation within the animated verse. It has often been applauded for its action sequences and thus been recommended for newbie anime watchers. Season 2 is currently being aired with the first cour having come to its close. So Lets Read about Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15.

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The anime adaptation is based on the manga series created by Atsushi Okubo. It even has a stage play adaptation now. The manga has sold more than 7 million copies, as was noted in June 2020. The second season of the show is running at its pace at the moment and we have entered the second cour of the season. As was marked earlier, the season will have 24 episodes. We are awaiting the release of the 15th episode, scheduled for 11 October 2020, 11;25 pm as per Indian time.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 Release Date & Story: {Spoilers}

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15 Official Announcement

It was officially made clear in December 2019 that Season 2 would be making its way back to entertain us. The second season started airing on 4 July 2020. This addition is referred to as the “2nd chapter” to the story. The episodes open with “Spark Again” by the well renowned Japanese singer Aimer.

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More about Fire Force Season 2 Episode 15

We’re 14 episodes down out of 24 episodes. It seemed like the pandemic had affected the production of the show, despite that it’s moving forward unharmed. There’s also good news for all those fans who like watching the dubbed versions of anime. The first English dubbed episode for Fire Force Season 2 is set to release on 24 October 2020. Adding on, the BluRay Vol. 3 will also be out in Japan on 23 December 2020.

Fire Force Storyline

The story is set in the year 198 of the Solar era where human beings have transformed into species known as “Infernals”. As the name suggests, Infernals can combust spontaneously. They are walking infernos in a nutshell. Fire fighting forces have to fight them and put out this threat to prevent a widespread annihilation. The descendants of Infernals however are able to control their forms.

Shinra Kasukabe, a young boy known as “Devil Footprints” who can set his feet on fire becomes a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. This faction of the force consists of more individuals like Shinra and they all try their best to eliminate the Infernals. Soon, they encounter a case that brings a new mystery to their feet.

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Fire Force Season 2 Trailer

Watch the trailer for the second half of the second season of Fire Force below.

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