Fire Force Season 2 Release Date EXPECTATIONS, TRAILER & More Details

Enen no Shouboutai, the Japanese name for Fire Force, which is written by Atsushi Okubo. Early in 2015, the manga of the Fire Force got published. Around 2.3 million copies where sold. 

The anime series came out later on. It hit the screens much than in 2019. The story is on a boy Shinra Kusakabe who has his unique ability of pyrokinetic.

He joins Special Fire Force Company 8 and gets to learn about the death of his mother, and Doomsday Cult did the abduction of his younger brother 12 years back. Company 8 faces the White Cloaks and their Knights of the Ashen Flame to enact the Great Disaster. 

Read About Fire Force Season 3 Release Date Updates

Release Date

The last season premiered in 2019, which made the viewers more explicit about the anime series. The series went popular all over the world. After the end, the people wanted to know whether there will be Fire Force Season 2.

The lucky fans will be happy to know that Fire Force season 2 will be out by July 2020. The studio is yet to give the exact release date, as the production is not over. TFire Force Season 2 will be on the screens very soon. 


The first season was a mind-blowing 24 episodes. It was full of action scenes. The second part of the anime series will be double the adventures and action. Battle will continue between the Fire Force and Evangelist.

It will get an upgrade with new characters and unique designs. Fire Force Season 2 will blow your mind and will get more screen timing and focus more on the aspects.

Trailer and Updates 

There is no official information regarding the trailer or any plot for the series. Besides, the Officials will reveal the facts very soon, and the Teaser will be out once the production process is over. Audiences expect that Fire Force Season 2 will be long enough and will continue for a longer time.

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