Florida Man UPS Worker Charged with Stealing Electronic Goods worth $3000

On Thursday morning, a Florida Man working at the United Parcel Service, UPS, was charged with Third Degree Grand Theft. According to the Arrest Report, the worker was accused of stealing multiple electronic devices such as Kindles and iPads. He hid these goods behind dumpsters and later proceeded to steal when the coast was clear.

The Florida man who was identified as 18-year-old Emmanuel Lamont Reggin Jr was officially charged on Wednesday with 3rd-Degree Grand Theft. Police discovered Reggin Jr was hiding at one of his friend’s house where they discovered him along with what appeared to be the stolen goods.

The whole ordeal began on December 2 when Reggin Jr and with another UPS worker were unloading 5500 boxes at a Nektova warehouse in Miami. While unloading the boxes, Reggin Jr proceeded to steal multiple packages and then hid then under a nearby Dumpster with the knowledge of his co-worker.

Authorities claim that the boxes contained an iPad, 2 Kindles, and a Surface Pro Tablet, all of them amounted to more than $1700. A nearby security camera revealed that Reggin Jr then came back on the same night driving a silver Nissan Altima, loaded the packages he hid behind the dumpster, loaded them onto his car, and drove off.

But this doesn’t end there. The next day Reggin Jr, along with his co-worker, went to the same Nektova warehouse to help unload 2,500 packages. Using the same method, Reggin Jr stole packages containing an HP laptop and 2 Play Station 4’s.

However, this wasn’t very fruitfull because Reggin Jr could return at night to retrieve the stolen goods the Nektova Manager was already informed about the packages hidden behind the dumpster. After checking the security footage, Reggin Jr could clearly be seen hiding and stealing the packages, authorities said.

After being arrested and charged, Reggin Jr was transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where he is waiting for further trail.

Reggin Jr’s and immediately terminated from his UPS job, and his bond is set at $10,000.

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