From Software CONFIRMS Bloodborne 2 is Coming but DELAYED!!!? More Release Date Details, News you should know

Bloodborne is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware released in March 2015 on PS4 by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game follows a character named, Hunter through the decrepit Gothic, Victorian era-inspired city of Yharnam, in which people have been afflicted with a Bloodborne abnormal disease.

The game is all based on the weapon-based combat and exploring in which player has to fight with several enemies using weapons such as swords and shields, firearms, etc.

The gameplay of Bloodborne is much similar to other combat games as first we have to create a player, Hunter adding his face color, hair, skin, and much more. Then the player has to make his way through the old Gothic world of Yharnam. Yharnam is an extensive map full of interconnected areas.

Some areas of Yharnam are not connected to the main locations and require the player to teleport there via the gravestones in the Hunter’s Dream and have to fight with the enemies, when the enemies are defeated they drop some useful items¬†for the player, such as Blood Vials, which are used as healing potions, or Quicksilver Bullets, the main ammunition for ranged weaponry.

As for now, there is no official affirmative announcement from the makers game about Bloodborne 2 as the makers of the game FromSoftware is currently busy in some games project, and none of them seems to be the sequel of Bloodborne.

According to the leaker, the sequel is neither in development nor in line with being developed. But the things which are to be made to the minds are that this statement is not from the company side, so these should not be considered as official statements and can be expected that the game could be one of the upcoming projects which they will work on after completing their running projects. So the fans can hope for the best for the return of the game.

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