Godfather Of Harlem Season 2 is Renewed Or Canceled? Forest Whitaker Returning? All Must Know

Critics of the crime drama claim Harlem Season 2’s godfather will happen soon. The show is influenced by Bumpy Johnson, the true story of notorious criminal Boss. He returns home after 10 years in jail to discover Chinatown, his former neighborhood. He soon discovers the city is now under an Italian Mob. Johnson agreed, unexpectedly, not to start a fight.

Then, Bumpy is urging Civil Rights Leaders to form alliances to take power back. The predictions were that Bumpy, as his personality was, would act violently, but then he proved it all wrong. He was a family man and with morality.

Godfather of Harlem Season 2: State of Renewal

There have been so many loose ends suggesting series return for the second season, but this not yet confirmed. It seems the show’s future isn’t certain. The streamer has not, though, announced either the extension or the cancelation. So may Harlem Season 2 godfather come in. It’s only a month since one announced the last episode of the season, after all.

It takes a bit of time for the showrunner, and also the streamer, to consider, evaluate, and then take the initiative. Fans have to cross their fingers and wait until the display turned to greenlight by the officials.

What to expect from the godfather of Harlem season 2?

As for now, there are no thoughts on the season two storyline. Spoilers tease that new circumstances will come up against everyone. While Bumpy will remain the focus of the five groups, Malcolm will stick in a problem as well. The tale that expresses the 64-65 riots.

The series creator Chris Brancato shared once in an interview that they involved in depicting Harlem’s murders and civil rights in the 60s. They had an idea to highlight violence by the police, drug addiction, and gang warfare. Often, we had the situation in the ghetto in mind.

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