Good Samaritan & Brink’s Driver SHOT during ATM Robbery in Brandon, Florida

Brandon, Florida: Armed perpetrator Shot a Good Samaritan & Brink’s Driver while attempting to rob an ATM machine in Brandon on Friday morning.

At around 11:30 am Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, HCSO got a call of a suspected armed robbery that was taking place outside a credit union in Brandon.

According to HCSO’s Sheriff Chad Chronister, Brink’s private security company was on a routine task to load cash in an ATM outside the credit union. When the driver of the Brinks Truck was loading into the ATM an armed man approached him behind his back and tried to rob him.

This prompted both the men to have altercation which resulted in the Brinks driver to get shot. After hearing the gunfire a nearby bystander, a Good Samaritan also got involved in an altercation with the robber while trying to help the Brinks Driver. Unfortunately, he to was shot by the robber.

After shooting both the men he fled the scene. Authorities arrived minutes after the first shots were fired. They found the Brinks driver and a Good Samaritan to be shot. They were immediately transported to Tampa General Hospital. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that both men are out of danger.

On a statement made on 8 On Your Side, Brinks expressed their condolences and said, “our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with our colleague who was injured this morning. Since this incident is part of an active criminal investigation, we can only say that we are working closely with local and federal law enforcement.”

HCSO authorities have located the suspected assailant involved in the Robbery to an apartment complex near the credit union. SWAT and negotiators are currently on the scene and are trying to peacefully make the suspect surrender.

This is a developing story. Stay in tune with Herald Journalism for further updates.

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