Gotham Season 6: Will The Show Ever Return? Who Will Act in Next Season? Read the Possibility Below

Gotham fans have been hoping for a season 6 since the fifth season of the show ended in April 2019. Although we know that the creators concluded the story to the Batman prequel in the fifth season and that it was the final season, fans cannot help but hope for Gotham – Season 6. The series has been well-loved and received ever since it came out in 2014.

So, is there going to be a Season 6?

Let’s find out.

Let’s Delve into Gotham a bit before we talk about the upcoming season.

Gotham: About The Series

Gotham is an American action crime drama show. Bruno Heller developed the series, and Warner Bros produced it. The show first premiered in 2014 and is based on the DC Comics’ Batman series. Fox produced the series, and it concluded in April 2019, with its fifth season being the last. Rumors for Gotham – Season 6 have been flying since Warner
Bros produced Season 5.

Gotham: Base Story

According to Wikipedia, The series is a prequel to Batman. It follows James Gordon, a recruit of the police department of Gotham City. James and his partner Detective Harvey Bullock solve crimes in Gotham City at a time when the city’s criminal underworld is emerging. The show is set after the murder of billionaire Thomas Wayne and his wife, Martha. Their son Bruce is in care of Alfred Pennyworth, the family Butler.

Although the show’s viewership had fallen in the past few years, the play continues to have a dedicated fanbase. Fox decided to give the show a proper final season rather than leave it on a cliffhanger. They announced the same in May 2018, before the premiere of Season 4. However, rumors about Gotham – Season 6 have been flying none-the-less.

Gotham Season 6: All Details

Season 5 allowed for fans to see the No Man’s Land arc play out entirely and have proper closure for the show. It allowed them to see Bruce Wayne finally blossom into Batman and Jim Gordon become the lawyer that he is in most of the comics. This series was more Jim Gordon than it was Batman’s show. The season completed all the goals for Gotham, and quite frankly, there is nothing more to see anymore. The writers wrote Season 5 in a manner that provided complete closure.

Thus, the chances of fans getting Gotham – Season 6 are slim to none. Although the cast may be up for redemption, as stated by Gotham star Donal Logue, the show has quite literally played out its final arc, and it is difficult to see where else it could go after such finality.

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