Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date and Production Status

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 release date is not announced yet, therefore we could only speculate when the next season of the series is going to return.Β Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.



Great Teacher Onizuka or commonly known by its abbreviation GTO, is based on manga of the same name. It has been directed by the duo of Noriyuki Abe and Hiroyuki Ishido. The first season had a total of 43 episodes and ran from June 30 1999 to September 24 2000 on Fuji Television. Is the rumor about Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 returning True? Read to Find Out.

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date

It is quite difficult to predict the Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 release date as there has been no official announcement from the studio. And even though our clairvoyance skills, we can’t figure out the time period around when the new season would get released. The best we could say is somewhere after 5 years since there has been no hint or leaks of the new season. So any sort of new season, or even rebooting the show would take years. So don’t expect anything to come so sooner than that. So, put your bets on 2025.

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Date Countdown


Great Teacher Onizuka Storyline

The main lead of the show is Eikichi Onizuka, a middle school teacher who was an ex-bouzouki and he has no shame in admitting that is a pervert, besides the only reason he joins school is his expectations of getting to see young girls. At the climax of the show, the teacher Eikichi decides to take the blame for stabbing to clear Miyabi Aizawa and Azusa Fuyutsuki confesses her love for Eikichi.

Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Announcement

The last time speculations of Season 2 arose was in 2014, but as of now, there has been no new announcement. It’s also worth noting that the last season ended on September 17, 2000, almost twenty years ago. So there is a slim chance of season two happening since there has been a little buzz and most of the fanbase has probably died out.

But there is also the nostalgia factor that will bring big money to the studios, so we can’t for sure count it out. There is more of a chance of the series being rebooted than a new season being released.

Where to Watch Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Online

You won’t be able to watch Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 right now because it is not released yet. However, you can stream and watch the previous season of Great Teacher Onizuka on Netflix for a few countries, and on Crunchyroll as well.

Before the Great Teacher Onizuka Season 2 Release Read More About the Cast of the Series

Eikichi Onizuka

A 22-year-old virgin and an ex-gangster, Onizuka is incredibly disappointed with how his life ended up. The way that he has no point is foreshadowed by the way that he has not had the option to get laid and attempts frantically to get a young lady to hit the sack with him.

Having discovered that educators have a decent impact on their understudies, he chooses to become one himself trusting that he will actually want to use this chance to get in bed with one of his clueless understudies. In any case, he before long understands that his ethics won’t permit him to exploit others, particularly his own understudies, and subsequently chooses to attempt to turn into ‘the best educator ever’ all things being equal.

Onizuka’s way of behaving is likened to that of a youngster. In the wake of figuring out that Hajime Fukuroda has a mysterious yearning for the foundation’s understudies, he made him into one of his trick’s primary targets; which comprises hitting him with water rockets.

In spite of this, Onizuka can be intense when the second requests it. To tackle issues, he will without a doubt take the most peculiar and surprising (and frequently the hardest) course, yet in addition the most epic. The contingent from your perspective could be viewed as a blockhead or a virtuoso. He surprises constantly individuals around him with his way of behaving, activities, and choices, with the exception of Ryuji, who has known him for quite a while. In spite of this, the school’s head, Ryoko Sakurai, profoundly confides in him.

Azusa Fuyutsuki

A female instructor who likewise works at the very school as that of Eikichi Onizuka, Azusa at first appears as though an incredibly typical person who has every one of the certifications that make up a decent educator.

She succeeds in the dialects office and should be visible showing Japanese (English, in certain versions) to her understudies, who have a seriously decent time with her, mostly the young men. She falls head over heels for Onizuka who is for the most part scared by her showing strategies, much to the Suguru Teshigawara who feels that she can show improvement over Onizuka.

Azusa is a mindful lady who may at first appear to be bashful, calm, and completely conventional, yet, as the story advances. It’s uncovered she is still up in the air and striking (despite the fact that obviously not to Eikichi Onizuka’s level) assuming she believes she is shielding something significant.

There were times when she even put her position in question to help Onizuka, gradually showing his impact on her. Her morale is high, and she respects Onizuka in light of the fact that he follows up on his convictions and holds fast in any event, when the conditions are against him.

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