Group of Men Chanting Anti Religious & Hate Speech Slogan at Rajiv chowk, NOT ARRESTED

On 29th February, a disloyal  act had been reported, at  Rajiv Chowk metro station

According to the latest clip  from Rajiv chowk, metro station reveals that there are around a group of 6 people who were traveling from Rajiv chowk  of blue line o their destination

At 10:30 am, six people of the group were standing in front of the blue line of Rajiv chowk metro station, and they were wearing a white T-shirt and orange head geared, and they suddenly started chanting “Desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maro sa**** ko. Suddenly there along passengers take off their phone and start shooting the whole scenario.

This controversial line is used by Anurag Thakur (vice finance minister) in his promotion at Delhi assembly elections.  Due to this, he had to face harsh repercussions.

Recently he had been sue to Court, and a plea against had been filled. According to the CISF chief said ” They have surrendered the 6 boys and move them further interrogation. And According to the executive director’s corporate communications of DMRC, Anuj Dayal said, ”  After the information arrived of this incident, immediately surrender the 6 boys and handover to CISF.

According to the law, they will be charged Act 2002, under Delhi Metro ( Operation and maintenance) state that any nuisance stated then passengers would be Probhited from traveling to Delhi Metro. Recently due to this slogan, a massive massacre had taken place where many people have lost their lives, and many families had to shift their homes.

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