“Hailey Baldwin” Shocked Coz “Justin Bieber” has Revealing that he is battling ‘Lyme Disease’.

The Baby singer has revealed that the reason for his low profile in the last months of last year was because he is suffering from Lyme disease.

The popular singer who performed What Do You Mean recently revealed that he is suffering from Lyme disease. It shocked the whole world. The internet was trolling Bieber as he has kept himself mostly out of sight. The word started to spread on the street that the reason he was not seen by the paparazzi frequently was because he was suffering from addiction or depression, or he was out of the spotlight for good.

They were right on one thing; he was also suffering from depression. It is reported that he was under high stress due to the diagnosis, several misdiagnoses, and the huge undeserved backlash from the public who were brazenly accusing him of engaging in diva-like behavior. Bieber has filmed a documentary about his journey while battling Lyme disease. The documentary is set to release on January 29th, 2020.

"Hailey Baldwin" Shocked Coz "Justin Bieber" has Revealing that he is battling 'Lyme Disease'.

Justin started experiencing symptoms of his illness at the beginning of the early months in the previous year. He suffered immensely all year long. Elements of the gravity of his condition are still not known to the public yet. He went undiagnosed for the majority of the last year, and this instilled great anxiety upon him for not knowing the alien sensation his body was feeling.

The inside sources have expressed their happiness that thankfully Justin is in a better state now and is also feeling mentally healthy now. The doctors have optimistically believed it is completely manageable.

His fans have since then shown tremendous support for the singer.

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