Hancock 2 Release Date, Cast, Spoiler Discussion & Other Major Updates

A Superhero movie like Hancock being made in the year 2008 was quite novel, yet Peter Berg was able to pull it off along with Will Smith and Charlize Theron. The two actors have built their career up with a handful of such movies in their bag now. However, to lead a big-budget movie like this at the time was witnessed on very rare occasions. Nowadays, such standalone action movies are often left in the dirt due to the prevalence of superhero franchises affiliated with Marvel and DC comics. We can’t exactly say that Hancock was a BIG hit, but it didn’t fail at what it was trying to achieve either. The kind of reception it got at the box office could’ve easily spelled out the development towards Hancock 2, and it should have. However, plans revolving around this enterprise are still unclear after all these years.

Hancock 2: Know everything about the Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!!

Hancock 2 Announcement & Release Date

The succeeding years after the release of Hancock in 2008 were optimistically going ahead with the idea of a sequel. The way the story was planned out in the first film, it spared a lot of room for the future happenings within the movie. Its director, Peter Berg had even joined hands with more storytellers to proceed with the plans, and the leading pair of Smith and Theron were more than willing to participate as well. However, all these speculations met the dust without any outcome.

The Current Status of the Film!

In 2009, Berg laid down the supposed path to be taken by the sequel during his interview with SciFi Wire. He teased that someone else like Mary and Hancock might actually be out there, trying to blend in the human world.

The director of the flick again spoke out in September 2009 during his talk with MTV News that all the key players were returning for the second installment. A few months later everything flipped over and Berg’s cryptic comments reflected the message that it was hard to get the band back together again.

In a turn of events, Hancock 2 was again brought up during the recent promotions for the Charlize Theron starrer Netflix Original movie The Old Guard. Furthermore, she mentioned that Hancock’s sequel was initially on the cards and was often discussed in 2009. Nevertheless, things didn’t come out in the green light and the action flick’s name was eventually left alone. She event went on to add that despite the long gap in between if such a situation arrives that it is picked up again in the future she is ready to reprise her role. (Something that has been said by Will Smith as well)

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The Cast

Hancock 2: Know everything about the Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!!

Hancock 2 was accepted with all its hype, not merely because of its banging action sequences. One of the primary factors resulting in its success was the stellar performance of its cast. Therefore, if we’re indeed headed towards a second addition to the series then it has to be with Charlize Theron and Will Smith. Moreover, if Berg finally introduces “another god” so mentioned in his old discussions, then he will have to bring forward a new face to the panel.

The Trailer

Since Hancock 2 hasn’t been officially renewed for a sequel, let’s watch the trailer of the first Hancock movie.

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