When are Mae Martin & Charlotte Ritchie Returning to Feel Good Season 2: Release Date & Other News

We collected all the information about the Feel Good Season 2, from the secret room of the production house or the experts as well. The first broadcasting channel 4, the United Kingdom, and the most amazing news is ”the Feel Good Season 1” is already published on Netflix in March 2020.

Feel Good Season 2: What about the Renewal Status?

According to specialists, Feel Good season 2 is not approved yet, and also Channel 4 still doesn’t confirm anything. Still, there is some sort of hope in another part. We can assume that Channel 4 and Netflix have done all their work and give the green light on Feel Good season 2, maybe in April or May 2020.

Feel Good Season 2 Release Date Details

There is some chance that maybe somewhere in 2020 the production of six new scenes will be filmed. Still, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the shooting might be postponed.

Even if the creator follows the preplanned model, still the creation should be the same. And in the most valid condition, Feel Good season 2 will release in March 2021, on both platforms Channel 4 or Netflix. As the world is still actionless, it would be required to delay the shooting, so maybe fans may need to wait until the 2021- mid2022.

Feel Good Season 2: Any Expected Plot?

If we look at the finishing of season 1, George who is inquiring as is there anything she knows, And the bed scene, where Mae’s heart beating too fast and maybe there are two main reasons for that, first her unknown anxiety, and second her cocaine use or maybe it can be both.

Here are all interesting facts about Feel Good Season 2!

And in between the time, Mae’s mom, known as Linda ( Lisa Kudrow ), assumes that her baby girl should go back home to Canada. With respectful relation with Feel Good season 2, Martin revealed to NME that there is nothing repeated. Still, we have uncountable stories.

Therefore, we can see that Feel Good season 2 will be focused on Mae’s development and as she returns to her Canadian connection, and she should decide what she wants to be.

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