“Hitman” : ‘TV Adaption’ is Going to Release in 2021!!! Will ‘Timothy Olyphant’ Return?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Want to Know!!!

Another TV show adaption of a video game franchise is on its way, and this time it’s the popular stealth video game- Hitman, that was developed by the Danish Company IO interactive.

Although the makers haven’t released an official statement about the airing of the show, it can be assumed to be televised next year in 2021.

A movie adaption of the game series was also made in 2007, titled Hitman: agent 47, with the story revolving around the master murderer Agent 47.

"Hitman" : 'TV Adaption' is Going to Release in 2021!!! Will 'Timothy Olyphant' Return?? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Want to Know!!!

The major characters from the game franchise like Agent 47, Diana Burnwood, mei-Ling, dr, Otto Wolfgang Ort- Meyer and Agent Carlton Smith, ideally, should be included in the expected Tv adaption but due to the lack of official notice, nothing can be ascertained, yet. Although, casting workshop for the same has been in talks lately.

In November 2017, the Hulu broadcast service announced the development of a series based on the Hitman video gaming franchise with Derek Kolstad as the scriptwriter and John wick as the creator.

‘Hitman 101’, web series also based on the same franchise, came in December 2018, with the plot arc telling the story of a man hired to kill five people per week by the ICA.

With the enigmatic supervillain as their lead, the Hitman Tv collection can be expected to be action-packed, to the audience’s pleasure with the hopes that the TV series’ plot follows that of the game’s arc.

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