Homeland Season 8: What Will Episode THRENODY Bring ??? Read Below To Know More

The start of the series Homeland begun in 2011. Along with the female protagonist Carrie Mathison, who works as a CIA Operative who is in search of an American prisoner who is the suspect of joining the terrorist group of Al Qaeda. 

Marine Nicholas Brody becomes her suspect as he gets released from the hostage after eight years. 

The political thriller with mystery came a long way with season 8. It became the award-winning drama in the Golden Globe. The first season came out with ninety episodes. Solving the mysteries, Carrie Mathison bought the series to seasons eight. 

Homeland Season 8 - Previous Scenes
Homeland Season 8 – Previous Scenes

Homeland Season 8: Updates

The eighth season is the last season for the series—Carrie Mathison who went on a chase for the terrorist touching down the front line of Afganistan. She went through a lot of negligence towards herself. Carrie Mathison refused to identify Saul after seven months. 

The trailer is already out, as the show is on Air. The deep-lying secrets and Carrie to step again on the field even though she is not entirely well. Saul forces her and denies the words of the doctors to the field works.

‘Threnody’ is the title for the eighth-episode of Homeland. Discoveries are coming up with the following episodes.

Homeland Season 8: Release Details

The show is currently on Air, with the apparent show timings. Homeland Season 8 is up with seven-episodes till now. The eighth-episode will be on screens by 29th March.

The next episode will show that Carrie waits for the discovery made by Wellington.

Homeland Season 8 - Previous Scenes
Homeland Season 8 – Previous Scenes

The cast is more or less similar. Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin are leading the final season as Saul and Carrie. They are the protagonists and will survive until the end. Maury Sterling is returning as Max, who is the tech sidekick of Mathison. Linus Roache as David Wellington who is the former White House Chief. Beau Bridges as President Ralph Warner.


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