How to earn passive money using piso wifi

Today earning money is one of the most important topics among the youth. In that, too Passive money has created a huge amount of buzz in society.Piso Wifi is a new thing that has been a lot in social media and is becoming a new way to earn passive money doing almost nothing. So if you want to know about Piso wifi and how to earn passive money through it, then you’re at the correct place here.

So let’s begin by knowing about passive money a bit.

What exactly is Passive Money?

Passive money which is also known as “Unearned Income” , is basically that kind of income that comes with a minimum amount of work or labor. For example, if you own a house and then you give it on rent, so now you will be having passive money from that house. However, it can have some maintenance charges but still, you will be able to earn quite a lot of money through it. Piso wifi is one such way of earning passive money and is really becoming very popular these days. Let’s know more about it in detail!

What’s Piso wifi?

So Piso wifi is a simple wifi vending machine, a machine that provides wifi. So yes you can set up your new business by using Piso wifi vending machine. It provides wifi or internet on basis of time and charges according to it. This means the customer can choose the amount to which they want to use the internet, pay according to that, and then can enjoy the internet. So yes Piso wifi is a very good source for passive money by investing little into it. You can easily manage it by logging in using or by visiting the official Piso wifi website and log in using the green login button

It can give you easy returns within a year and then one can enjoy years of profits as the internet is something which is not going to get old for many years.

More about Piso wifi :

Piso wifi can accommodate around 100 users at a time making it an attractive product.

Piso wifi has a wifi range of 100 meters giving flexibility of movement to users.

Key Specifications

  • Housing Material: ABS plastic
  • WAN Interface: 1X RJ45 Port
  • Antennas: 1 X Wi-Fi(Built-in)
  • LCD: 4-line, 128X64 pixel, backlight supported, shock resistance > 4,000N

Also, it comes with a 3-month warranty of the product which includes the replacement of parts if found defective

How to get Piso wifi for yourself?

Well, the product is available on its official website but COD is only available for the Manila area only. Pick-up is currently being done from  Taguig city. The company offers payment through bank transfers or BPI too.

Advantages of Piso wifi:

Firstly the necessity of the internet is not hidden from anyone. Everyone needs it everywhere and it is always less doesn’t matter how much you get it for yourself. The greed or addiction to the internet never ends and if you want to make a business out of it then Piso wifi vending machine is the solution for you.

Secondly, it can become a very long-lasting source of passive income with investment only in the beginning. People have been able to make money from a range of 500 pesos to 3k pesos in a day, so imagine this much money coming for months and years with almost doing nothing. Thus it can be a great source of passive income, therefore one who wants to make extra money should not miss this opportunity.

Points to remember to make most out of the Piso wifi vending machine business:

  1.     Make sure to place it in a place where people spend at least half-hour, for example, a Coffee shop, restaurant, Library, etc.
  2.     Make sure to have a good sitting arranged for customers.
  3.     Lighting should be done properly to manage customers at the night.
  4.     Make a daily record of the income made to prevent losses.
  5.     Good electricity source.
  6.     Nice vibe in the environment so that people get attracted to spend their time.
  7.     A good internet connection to manage multiple customers simultaneously.
  8.     Safe and secure environment for all

So this was all about Piso wifi vending machine and how you can earn passive money from it. So what are you waiting for, go and book your Piso wifi vending machine and start earning money? This is a huge opportunity to start your passive money income.

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