How To Get Nord VPN Free Trial: Quick Guide Is Here!!!

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Are Looking out for How To Get Nord VPN Free Trial, without any payment for its exciting features? It would not be pleasant to your ears, but there is no way to get a free subscription for the VPN, though away to avail the facilities for 30 days free of cost is undoubtedly the thing we can help you.

How To Get Nord VPN Free Trial

No, it’s not a free trial from Nord VPN; however, it’s still a legitimate way. Nord VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee trial where you have to pay for the services that you will avail of in the future. But if in some cases, if you are canceling the subscription before the 30th day overtakes, then you will get your dollars credited back in your account.How To Get Nord VPN Free: Quick Guide Is Here!!!

Well, something is better than nothing. On one side, You can at least be facilitated by the services for free for quite a time, and on the other, the u who genuinely want to try out the VPN before investing money into it getting an excellent offer for sure.

So, shall we start with the process? Here it is:

It could be called hacking the 30 days guaranteed return facility of Nord VPN, but as we said, it’s legal and hence risk-free. Follow the detailed steps:

  • Reach out to How To Get Free Nord VPN official site through your browser, and for ease, you can click on the link given below for the official site from where you have to subscribe for the services.
  • Click on Get Nord VPNHow To Get Nord VPN Free: Quick Guide Is Here!!!
  • There will be different plans presented to you according to the extra time intervals. However, if you are canceling the subscription at an eligible time, then the full amount will be refunded, but still, we will suggest a month plan only.How To Get Nord VPN Free: Quick Guide Is Here!!!
  • You need to provide your email ID and the payment mode through which you would prefer to pay to create your account. Don’t worry about every payment mode will get your money back when you cancel the subscription.How To Get Nord VPN Free: Quick Guide Is Here!!!
  • There must be a confirmation mail at your provided email ID once you are done with your payment.
  • You need to press “Set Password and Activate Account” on the confirmation mail.
  • Create a New Password and set it accordingly while clicking “Change Password.”
  • Now you are ready to go ahead with downloading How To Get Free Nord VPN to your device but be cautious that a supportive version to your device is getting downloaded.
  • After the download, you will be drawn to the log in you you are, all set to use How To Get Free Nord VPN’s 5000 servers across 59 countries.


Cancellation of The Subscription Nord Vpn

You must know how and when to cancel the subscription to get your money back into your account. Talking with an example, suppose you have subscribed for Nord VPN on 1st January at 1:00 PM, then you have time till 31st January, 1:00 PM to be done with un-subscription. Well, if you have liked How To Get  Nord VPN Free enough to keep it for further services, then the downside part is not really for you.

Follow the following steps to unsubscribe Nord Vpn:

  • Reach out to Nord VPN official website an eligible time and login if you are logged out to go to “My Account.”
  • Under the “My Services” option, there must be three dots right next to the “Change Plan,” click on them.How To Get Nordvpn For Free: Detailed Guide Is Here!!!
  • Then select “Cancel Automatic Plans” that have popped up just now.
  • Confirm the cancellation. There is another option for you in case you want to remain subscribed.
  • Now that the confirmation is confirmed, there must be an information publishing saying “Expire Soon.”
  • No, the process is not complete yet. Contact the Nord VPN customer support team through any ways to deactivate your account and get the money back.
  • Once you ask for a refund through mail or chat, you will be asked for some of the essential pieces of information like the payment mode you had selected. Give the data, and soon you will get the confirmation on the closure of your account and refund initiation. The refund would take time to get reflected in your account, but you will surely get it given the time was correct.

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