Huge News for Marvel Fans about “Black Panther II”, “She-Hulk” and “Hawkeye”.

Marvel Studios is becoming expanding more than ever before. Disney+ and Marvel Cinematic Studios have clubbed to do many projects together.

We know that both Disney+ and Marvel have been the best in the domains. As a result, there are numerous amounts of new projects under progress. We have now come to know that few of their works comprise of Black Panther II, Hawkeye, and She-Hulk.

Black Panther II-

The studio which will be used for the movie will be the same as Shang-Chi. While Marvel movies have been spending many of their works set in Atlanta, the UK, and Australia. The new Black Panther movie will use the same space as the master of a martial art movie.Huge News for Marvel Fans about "Black Panther II", "She-Hulk" and "Hawkeye".

The production is reportedly to start in March and June 2021. It is also rumored that the movie will be shot in the USA or Australia. Australia is a much better choice as it suits the requirements of Wakanda better.


Huge News for Marvel Fans about "Black Panther II", "She-Hulk" and "Hawkeye".

There were words on the street that the Hawkeye movie will be delayed for a long time. Firstly, there were so many TV Series and movies being considered simultaneously. Therefore, things were not in order for a long time. On the contrary, things seemed to be in order now. There are rumors that Disney+ is considering to start the production in September.


Huge News for Marvel Fans about "Black Panther II", "She-Hulk" and "Hawkeye".

The TV Show’s progress is still in its initial phases. The casting for the series is currently taking place. The screenwriter for the series is Jessica Gao. She is an Emmy winner. The series will be a big hit as she scripts wonders.

The script is uncompleted yet. Importantly, it is said that the production will commence in the month of August. Obviously, the series will take place in Atlanta.

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