Hugh Jackman CONFIRMED Returning in Deadpool 3 Alongside Ryan Reynolds: Release Date & More

Some people are just born for certain movie roles. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Renolds are two of them. Hugh Jackman had been the Wolverine for almost over 20 years. His first debut as Wolverine was in the first movie of X-Men, which was released in 2000. Later on, Hugh Jackman got his movie “X-Men Origins Wolverine” dedicated entirely to the character Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds, along with Jackman, debuted as “Deadpool” in the “X-Men Origins Wolverine” movie, where we got to see a glimpse of Deadpool as Weapon X. In 2009 when X-Men Origins Wolverine came out, no one knew that they would see Ryan Reynolds return as Deadpool in a Deadpool film.

Deadpool was released on 12 February 2016 and was a major hit in the industry. Fans loved Wade Wilson’s sarcastic, sassy, humorous, and weird character. The 4th dimension wall break (Deadpool) was pretty popular amongst fans, and everybody loved it.

In the 2017 movie “Logan,” we saw a glimpse of Deadpool paying his “Tribute” on Logan’s grave. There have been a lot of hints in Deadpool 2 that suggest that Wolverine will come back. It is very possible that Deadpool and Wolverine will have a crossover. Marvel has been thinking about a Deadpool and Wolverine crossover for a really long time.

The several clues from Deadpool 2 suggest that Wolverine and Deadpool might work in an alternate universe with the help of a little bit of time travel. Deadpool and Wolverine are pretty similar. Both of them are regarded as anti-heroes, both of them have a rapid healing factor, they both are really good with blades, both of them have a temper, and are almost invincible.
It will be pretty amazing to see a big-bad-broody Wolverine working with a sassy and sarcastic Deadpool. The recent rumors suggest that Wolverine and Deadpool will star together in one film, but there hasn’t been an official statement. I guess we’ll have to wait up for producers to tell us what’s really going to happen!

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