‘I Am a Killer’ Season 2 Netflix Release Date CONFIRMED, Serial Killer Story returning on January 31

Netflix renewed “I Was a Killer” for a second season in August 2019. The second season is set to premiere on the popular platform on January 31, 2020. Ned Parker, Ross Young, Zoe Hines, James Tovell, and Jeremy Turner directed the first season of the engaging show.

The crime documentary show brings various actual death row inmates and their personal experiences in front of audiences. Featuring the criminals themselves, the show does not have a fixed cast. Note that the criminals appearing on this show are convicted killers who have been awarded the death penalty; this show portrays the effect brought about in those on death row as they slowly wait for their final day. Also, the convicts do change as a result of the hard life in prison. Proving to be a tremendous experience, the show will cover female convicts for the first time in the upcoming season.

"I Am a Killer" will document women convicts in Season 2

Criminals portrayed in the first season include James Robertson (a regular criminal on death row for the murder of his cellmate), Wayne Dotty (a convicted murderer on death row for the additional crime of a cellmate), and Miguel Martinez (youngest person in Texas to be sent on death row). Some of the various criminals shown are no longer awaiting their death sentence. Thus, we also get to see how hope (of getting out of prison one day) helps in molding the character of a person. “I Am a Killer”really does carry an exciting premise.

Season 1 intensely focused on criminals themselves and the communities and families affected by crime. It also discussed some features of America’s criminal justice system, such as rehabilitation. Season 2 will add to this by shedding light on repentance and redemption.

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