Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

Top 5 Rarest Pokemons which you can find in pokemon sword and Shield

With the introduction of Pokemon Sword and Shield in November 2019, it certainly has brought the introduction of new pokemons. Some of them are rare, and some are rarest of all. We at herald Journalism today have compiled the list for you of the top 5 rarest pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Go ahead and check all the rarest pokemons.

5/5 Rarest


Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

Duraludon is one of the most powerful duel pokemon. It bongs to both Steel and dragon category. Though it usually takes a long time to hunt Duralodon, it is totally worth it, especially if you get one that can Gigantamax.  This guy can be found in some places, so it isn’t the rarest of all Pokémon in Galaxy. But this pokemon has a shallow encounter rate. You might face some issue finding this pokemon.

The first way to find Duraludon is on Route 10. According to the statistics you have a 1%  chance of finding it on Route 10 and 2% chance during a Snowstorm in the Lake of Outrage.  The easiest way will be to visit Giant’s Seat, where it can sometimes, with luck, be found wandering the area as an overworld spawn.

4/5 Rarest


Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

Sojourner, with its extremely literal design, is based on England’s Stonehenge, resembling one of the large stones at the mysterious ancient site. It seems GameFreak wanted this Pokémon’s encounter rate to be as evasive as the reason for Stonehenge’s construction because Stonjourner is very hard to find.

This rock-type is exclusive to Pokémon sword, and can only be found in two places. You have a 2% chance to find Stonjourner on Route 10 in the grass. Alternately, it’ll appear in the Lake of Outrage in a Sandstorm (5%) or under Intense Sun (2%).

3/5 Rarest

Antique Sinistea

Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

One of the Gen 8 Pokemon added to the game is Sinistea, with its evolved form Poltageist. Though You might find it in a large number in the game, most of them will be phony. Let me Explain! This Teapot pokemon comes in 2 types, i.e., the phony one and the authentic ones. The phony one is large in number, but the authentic one is very rare. You can distinguish between the two by looking at the bottom of their cup

99% Sinistea in the game is “Phony” form. You only have a 1 in 100 chance to find the “Authentic” one. Add in shiny-hunting it, and you’re in for a long, long grind.

2/5 Rarest

Drampa & Turtonator

Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

Like Sinistea and Stonjourner, these Drampa & Turtonator are version exclusives. You’ll only find Drampa in Pokemon Shield, and Turtonator in Sword. But, they both have the same encounter rate and location.

Head to the Lake of Outrage to find your pokemon in any version. If the weather is a thunderstorm, you’ll have a 2% chance to find Drampa in the grass if you’re playing Shield. If you’re playing Pokemon Sword, you’ll have to hope there’s Intense Sun, under which you’ll find Turtonator in the grass with a 2% encounter rate. Then, you’ll need to swap with a friend to get the counterpart.

1/5 Rarest


Top 5 Rarest Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield List

Feebas is the rarest of the rarest pokemons. It tops the list of rarest pokemons in all versions. This ugly fish’s entire schtick is that it’s impossible to find in every game it appears in. This is no different in Sword and Shield, where you’ll have a difficult time finding it.

Head to the small island in the lake next to Professor Magnolia’s house on Route 2. There will be two fishing spots here. Each has a 1% chance of providing you with a Feebas when you fish. From here, you can evolve it into the beautiful Milotic. When you’re trying to find it, though, it’ll feel like that chance is one in a million. Good luck!

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