Ninetales : location, use, evolve, nature, and trivia

About Ninetales

Ninetale is a very intelligent, powerful, and vengeful pokemon. It curses those who mistreat it. This fire-type pokemon has the ability to understand human speech perfectly. Ninetales is a fire-type pokemon. It has an appearance of a fox as a result it is also known as fox pokemon.

This pokemon got its name from its number of tails that is, Nine tails. It is covered with thick gleaming light cream or golden fur and has orange color at the tip of its tails.

It has a mane around its long neck. Ninetales has a beautiful pair of ruby-red eyes through which it has the ability to control over its enemy’s mind. Ninetales is introduced in generation 1.

A Ninetales is said to live for 1000 years from the cosmic power each of its tail has. Ninetales has an ice-type form that evolves from Alola Vulpix when it is exposed to an ice stone.

An ice-type Ninetales is covered with thick Icey blue or silver-grey fur.

They have appearance same as fire-type Ninetales but have more wavy fur compared to fire-type Ninetales and they have blue eyes. An Alolan Ninetales is said to live in the snowy mountain region.

  • Japanese Name: Koyukon
  • Height and weight: 1.1m (3’07”) and 19.9kg (43.9lbs)
  • Abilities: Flash Fire and Drought (hidden ability)
  • Catch Rate: 75 (9.8% with Pokeball)
  • Base Experience: 177
  • Base Friendship: 70
  • Growth Rate: medium-fast
  • Egg Group: Field
  • Gender: 25% male and 75% female
  • Egg Cycle: 5140 – 4884 steps

Base Stats of Ninetales

Ninetales has a total Base Stats of 505.

  • HP: It has a Hit Point of 73.
  • Defense: It has a defense of 75.
  • Attack: It has an attack of 76.
  • Special Attack: It has a special attack of 81.
  • Speed: It has a speed of 100.
  • Special Defense: It has a special defense of 100.

Moves Learned by Ninetales

Ninetales has the best fast fire attacks. Ninetales has a special ability to increase the power of their attack from the sun.

A fire type Ninetales strikes with a malicious attack that can be used against opponent Pokemon to cause great drama

At level 1, it learns, Dark-type move Nasty Plot which belongs to the Status category.

Fire-type moves like Will-O-wisp of status category and an accuracy of 85%, Inferno of Special category of power 100 and accuracy of 85%,

Incinerate of a special category of power 60 and accuracy 100%,

Flamethrower of a special category of power 90 and 100% accuracy, Fire Spin of a special category of power 35 and 85% accuracy, Fire Blast of a special category of power 110 and 85% accuracy

Ember of a special category of power 40 and 100% accuracy.

Ghost-type moves like Spite of status category with 100% accuracy, Grudge of status category, Confuse Ray of a status category with 100% accuracy.

At level 1 it also learns Normal-type moves like Tail Whip of the status category with 100% accuracy, Safeguards of status category, Quick Attack of the physical category with a power of 40 and 100% accuracy, Disable of the status category with 100% accuracy and Psychic-type moves like Imprison of status category and Extrasensory of Special category with a power of 80 and 100% accuracy.

Moves learned by TM

Ninetales learns Dark-type moves like  Fake Tears at TM47 of the status category with 100% accuracy and Payback at TM57 of the fighting category with a power of 50 and 100% accuracy.

Fire-type moves like Fire Spin at TM13 of a special category with a power of 35 and 85% accuracy, Sunny Day at TM34 of status category, Will-O-Wisp at TM38 of the status category with an of 85% accuracy, and Mystical Fire at TM92 of the special category with a power of 75 and 100% accuracy.

Hex a ghost-type move at TM77 of a special category with a power of 65 and 100% accuracy.

Solar Beam a Grass-type move at TM11 of the special category with a power of 120 and 100% accuracy.

Dig a Ground-type move at TM15 of the fighting category with a power of 80 and 100% accuracy.

Normal-type moves like Hyper Beam at TM8 of the special category with a power of 150 and 90% accuracy, Snore at TM24 of special category with a power of 50 and 100% accuracy.

Protect at TM25 of status category, Attract at TM13 of status category 100% accuracy, Facade at TM39 of the physical category with a power of 70 and 100% accuracy.

Psychic-type moves like Rest at TM21, Imprison at TM44, and Power Swap at TM60, all of status category.

How to Locate a Ninetales

  • Red: Trade
  • Blue: Evolve Vulpix
  • Yellow: Evolve Vulpix
  • Gold: Trade
  • Silver: Evolve Vulpix
  • Crystal: Trade
  • Ruby: Evolve Vulpix
  • Sapphire: Evolve Vulpix
  • FireRed: Trade
  • LeafGreen: Evolve Vulpix
  • Emerald: Evolve Vulpix
  • Diamond: Evolve Vulpix
  • Pearl: Evolve Vulpix
  • Platinum: Evolve Vulpix
  • HeartGold: Trade
  • SoulSilver: Evolve Vulpix
  • Black: Abundant Shrine
  • White: Abundant Shrine
  • Black 2: Abundant Shrine
  • White 2: Abundant Shrine
  • X: Trade
  • Y: Trade
  • Omega Ruby: Evolve Vulpix
  • Alpha Sapphire: Evolve Vulpix
  • Sun: Evolve Vulpix/Alolan Vulpix
  • Moon: Trade
  • Ultra Sun: Evolve Vulpix/Alolan Vulpix
  • Ultra Moon: Trade
  • Let’s Go Pikachu: Trade
  • Let’s Go Eevee: Route 7,8
  • Sword: Lake of Outrage
  • Shield: Evolve Vulpix/Alolan Vulpix

How to Evolve

A Ninetales is evolved from a Vulpix using firestone which results in a fire-type pokemon.


How Useful is a Ninetales

A Ninetales is a pure fire-type pokemon. They are weak against ground-type, rock-type, and water-type pokemon but they have resistance against any bug-type, Fairy-type, fire-type, grass-type, ice-type, and Steel-type pokemon.


  • Nigeria was the original beta name of the Ninetails.
  • No other pokemon has combination like an Alolan Ninetales pokemon (ice/fairy)
  • Ninetales Pokemon is based on legendary kitsune from Japanese folklore called nine-tailed, which has many tails, a long lifespan and its fur transform from dark red to golden when it gains its ninth tail, hence after evolution from Vulpix, a color change on Ninetales is seen.
  • Kitsune of the Japanese legend could take spirit form after living for a long time, which might explain the ability of a fire type Ninetales to learn Ghost-type moves.
  • A fire type Ninetales has power 1 special defense and power 1 speed EV yield.
  • Vulpix and Ninetales, both are fire type pokemon and also known as the fox pokemon and they share their category name with Fennekin evolutionary line, Nick, and Thieves.
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