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About Golbat

National Pokedex Index: The national Pokedex Index of Golbat is  #042

Type: Golbat is a Flying and Poisonous type of Pokemon.

Height: The Height of the Pokemon is 1.6 m.

Weight: it weighs 55 kg which is equivalent to 121.3 lbs.

Abilities: The Special Abilities of Golbat Constitute Inner Focus and Infiltrator.

Local Number: 038 is the local number of the Pokemon which is of color HeartGold or SoulSilver.

Catch Rate: Catch Rate of Golbat is 90. It is quite easy to catch Golbat out of which 11.8% are caught through Pokeball.

Base Friendship: Base Friendship of Golbat is normal with 70.

Base Exp: Golbat has a Base Exp of 159.

Growth Rate: Golbat’s Growth ranges from medium to fast.

Egg Group: Golbat belongs to the Flying Egg Group.

Gender: Gender is equivalent. They are 50% male and 50% Female.

Egg Cycles: Egg Cycles of Golbat are 15. It takes 3599 to 3855 steps in its egg cycles.


HP: HP of the Pokemon is 75.

Attack: The attack rate of Golbat is 80.

Defense: The defense mechanism of Golbat is 70.

Special attack: Special attack of Golbat is 65

Special Defense: Special defense of Golbat ranges to 75.

Total: the total rate of Golbat is 455.

Moves Learned:

There are several moves learned by Golbat. Few he learns as he levels up to where as a few are learned by TM.

Level up Moves

Here’s is list of the moves he learns by level up:

  • Moves learned by a Golbat at level 1 are:
    ->Absorb attack of grass type with an accuracy of 100 and at power 20.
    ->Bite which is a dark type attack with its accuracy being 100 and power 60.
    ->Crunch is also a type of dark attack which it learns with 100 accuracy and power 80.
    ->Supersonic is also a normal attack learnt with 55 accurate margin.
    ->Quick attack is a normal attack which it learns 100% accurately with power 40.
    ->Whirlwind is also a type of normal attack.
  • At level 4 it learns to do the Wing attack, which is a flying attack with accuracy 100% and power 60.
  • The Bite attack is learnt at level 8. this is also a dark attack. the power of attack is 60 and accuracy comes to 100.
  • Reaching level 12 it learns the Swift attack. this is a normal attack with its power being 60.
  • Once at 17th level Golbat learns the Confuse Ray attack which is a ghost attack. It learns the attack with 100% accuracy.
  • At level 20 it learns to Haze attack which is a kind of Ice attack.
  • Level 31 for Golbat is a lesson for the Leech Life attack. This is a bug attack which has a power of 80 and accuracy 100.
  • leveling further up at 40th it learns to do the toxic attack. It is a poisonous attack.
  • Then comes the level 51 where it learns the Air Slash. This is a flying attack. Golbat’s accuracy at it is 95.

Moves learned by TM

  • At the first level it learns the HeadButt attack which is a kind of normal attack but Golbat’s accuracy at it is 100 with power being 70.
  • At the 2nd level taunt is the move it learns which is again a dark type move with 100 accuracy.
  • When it further grows and reaches to 5th level the Pokemon learns to rest. It is a kind of psychic move.
  • Then at level 14 it learns to fly. Fly is a flying move and Golbat attains an accuracy of 95 in it.
  • toxic is a poisonous attack which Golbat learns at 27th level with 90 accuracy.
  • Shadow Ball is one another ghost attack which itlearns with 100 accuracy and 80 power.

Moves Learnt at Evolution

During the evolution process it learns a dark type move called crunch which has power 80 and accuracy 100.


Zubat which has a National Pokemon Index of 41 evolves eventually and at level 22 turns into a Golbat. The further transformation of Golbat to Crobat is not dependent on any level. It rather converts when it loves someone a lot or has a high degree of friendship.

There are total 7 Generations of a the Pokemon. It does not have an 8th Generation. There are two Sprites of this Pokemon. Normal sprite and Shiny sprite.

Where To find?

There are various color of Golbats. The most common of them are Red and Blue. Their specialty is even after getting tired they keep draining the energy of the one they have stroked.

  • Red, Blue, Yellow Golbats are found in Cerulean cave, Victory Road, Seafoam Islands.
  • If you are looking for the Pokemon in Gold or silver color they are mostly caught in Dark caves, Ice paths, Slowpoke wells, Tohjo Falls, Union cave, Whirl Islands, Victory Road, Mt.Silver and Mt.Mortar.
  • Ruby, Emerald, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and Sapphire Golbat are found at places like Cave of Origin, Meteor falls, Seafloor Cavern, Sky pillar,Shoal Cave, Victory Road.
  • Diamond, Pearl and platinum colors are found in Route 227, Iron Island, Lost Tower,Mt.Coronet, Oreburgh Gate, Ravaged Path, Snowpoint Temple, Stark Mountain, Turnback Cave and Victory Road.
  • X and Y are evolved Zubat.
Golbat learns the various types of attacks such as Ice, dark, poisonous, etc.


Why is this Pokemon Useful?

Golbat’s when used in battles they prove worthy. It is a flying Pokemon which has, in its pocket ghost as well as ice attacks. Such attacks and its flying abilities prove tough to fight against. a land Pokemon stands very small chances to win over a Golbat. It proves to be a tough competition for fire as well as Ice Pokemons too. IT is a tough competition to the flying class of Pokemons as well.

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