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Hypno is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Drowzee starting at level 26.

Hypno is a humanoid bipedal Pokémon, with yellow fur. It has triangular ears with brown interiors, eyes with a lazy look and a wide nose. It has a ruff of white fur on its back and is mostly longer on the female. Hypno pokemon has five fingers on each hand and carries in its left-hand pendulum. The pendulum is similar to a smooth, silver ring and is used in hypnotism. Without it, Hypno is never seen. This has three toes on each foot, and the undersides also have a pink surface.

Hypno is based on the Japanese legend of a tapir, hypnotist, and Baku, or dream eater demon. It appears similar to a monkey in the proboscis, too. Hypno ‘s long, hooked nose and white frill, like Rüppell’s vulture, may also be based on a vulture. Aspects of Hypno ‘s actions even in European folklore resemble various fairies, witches, bogeymen, and other supernatural beings. Hypno is an abbreviation of hypnosis. This may also be taken from Hypnos, in Greek mythology, the personification of sleep.

National Pokedex No:097                                                                                       Japenese name:スリーパー
Type: Psychic
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 75.6kg
Abilities: Insomnia or Forewarn is its main ability and its hidden ability is the inner focus.
Catch rate: 17.5%
Base friendship: 70
Base Exp: From gen 1-4 it is 165 and 5 n above is 169.
Growth Rate: Medium Fast is its growth rate.
Egg group: Human-like
Gender: 50 % Male, 50%Female
Egg cycles: 5140-5396 steps


*HP:  85
*Attack: 73
*Defense: 70
*Speed: 73
*Special Attack: 115
*Special Defense: 67
*Total: 483

Moves Learnt by Hypno

  1. Moves learned by leveling up:-
Level  Move       Type  Cat.  Pwr.  Acc.
1 Barrier             Psychic Status —%
1 Pound              Normal Physical 40 100%
1 Hypnosis Psychic Status 60%
1 Disable Normal Status 100%
1 Confusion Psychic Special 50 100%
4 Disable               Normal Status 100%
9 Confusion Psychic Special 50 100%
13 Poison Gas Poison Status 90%
18 Meditate Psychic Status —%
22 Psybeam Psychic Special 65 100%
27 Headbutt Normal Physical 70 100%
36 Psychic               Psychic Special 90 100%
46 Nasty Plot Dark Status —%
55 Dream Eater Psychic Special 100 100%

2. Moves learnt by TM/HM

 TM  Move     Type  Cat.  Pwr.  Acc.
TM01 Headbutt Normal Physical 70 100%
TM02 Taunt                 Dark Status 100%
TM04 Teleport Psychic Status —%
TM05 Rest                Psychic Status —%
TM06 Light Screen Psychic Status —%
TM07 Protect                Normal Status —%
TM08 Substitute Normal Status —%
TM09 Reflect               Psychic Status —%
TM12 Façade Normal Physical 70 100%
TM13 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100%
              TM15 Seismic Toss Fighting Physical 100%
TM16 Thunder Wave Electric Status 90%
TM21 Foul Play Dark Physical 95 100%
TM23 Thunder Punch Electric Physical 75 100%
TM27 Toxic               Poison Status 90%
TM28 Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100%
TM31 Fire Punch Fire Physical 75 100%
              TM32 Dazzling Gleam Fairy Special 80 100%

Game Locations

Generation I-
Red/Blue: Cerulean Cave
Blue (Japan): Cerulean Cave
Yellow: Evolve Drowzee
Generation II-      
Gold/Silver: Route 11
Crystal: Route 11Night
Generation III –    
Ruby/Sapphire: Trade
Emerald: Trade
FireRed /LeafGreen: Berry Forest (tall grass, event)
Colosseum: Trade
XD: Cipher Key Lair (Shadow)
Generation IV  –   
Diamond/Pearl: Evolve Drowzee
Platinum: Evolve Drowzee
HeartGold/SoulSilver: Route 11, Safari ZoneNight
Pal Park: Forest
Generation V   –   
Black/White: Trade
Black 2/White 2 : Dreamyard (Swarm)
Generation VI  –   
X/Y: Evolve Drowzee
Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Route 121 (hidden Pokémon*)
Generation VII  –  
Sun/Moon: Poni Plains
Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon:   Poni Plains, Hau’oli City (One)
Let’s Go Pikachu/Let’s Go Eevee : Evolve Drowzee
Generation VIII  – 
Sword   Shield: Unobtainable


In Side Game

Generation I –
Pinball: Evolve Drowzee
Generation II       –
This Pokémon is unavailable in Generation II side games.
Generation III     –
Trozei!  : Huge Storage 2, Mr. Who’s Den
MD Red /MD Blue: Evolve Drowzee
Ranger  : Dusk Factory
Generation IV    – 
MD Time/MD Darkness : Deep Spacial Rift (B6F-B9F)
MD Sky : Deep Spacial Rift (B6F-B9F)
Ranger-SoA: Chroma Ruins, Altru Building
Rumble : Eternal Tower (Normal Mode C)
Generation V      –
Rumble Blast: Tower: Soothing Shore
Rumble U : Melodious Woodland: A Lively Concert, Toy Collection: Guided by Pichu
Generation VI    – 
Battle Trozei: Safari Jungle: Stage 2Th
Shuffle:- Marron Trail: Stage 669, Event: Pokémon Safari (Ninth release)
Rumble World: White Ruins: Ivory Pillar (All Areas), Legend Terrain: Bastion of Beginnings (Entrance, Center, Back)


This Pokemon develops from Drowzee to Hypno in level 26.

  • -In Generation 1Hypno has a base Special stat of 115.
  • -In Generation 3Hypno does not have the Forewarn ability.
  • -In Generations 1-4Hypno has a base experience yield of 165.

Uses of Hypno

Under normal battle conditions in Generation VIII, this Pokémon is:  
Damaged normally by:
Normal 1×
Flying    1×
Poison  1×
Ground 1×
Rock      1×
Steel      1×
Fire        1×
Water   1×
Grass    1×
Electric 1×
Ice         1×
Dragon 1×
Fairy      1×
Weak to:
Bug        2×
Ghost    2×
Dark      2×
Immune to:    
Resistant to:   
Fighting ½×
Psychic ½×
In Generation, I, the effectiveness of  Ghost-type moves is 0x.

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