Seaking Stats, Location, Evolving method, uses and More.

About Seaking

National Pokedex No. – The national Pokedex index of Seaking is 119.

Type- It is a Pokemon of Water type.

Height- 1.3 m is the height of a Seaking.

Weight- A Seaking weighs 39 kg which is equivalent to 86 lbs.

Abilities- The basic abilities of a Seaking are Swift Swim and Water Veil. Apart from this it also has a hidden ability of Lighting Rod.

Local no- Local Number of Seakings are 054.

Catch Rate- Catch Rate of a Seaking is very low. it is 60 out of which 7.8% are caught with pokeballs.

Base friendship- Seakings are normal to friendship. They have a score of 70.

Base Exp- Seaking has a base Exp of 158.

Growth Rate- The Pokeman grows quite fast and has a growth ranging from medium to fast.

Egg Group- The Egg Group of Seaking is Water 2.

Gender- Seaking are Equal in terms of Gender. There are 50% males and 50% females.

Egg Cycles- There are 20 Egg cycles in Seakings. The steps range from 4884 to 5140.

Pokemon Changes in different Generations

  • In 1st Generation we see Seaking having a Base Stats of 80.
  • From Generation 1 to 4 Seaking has a base Experience yield of 170.


HP- HP of  Seaking is only 80.

Attack- It is quite good at attack and has a score of 92.

Defense- Defense score of a Seaking is 65.

Special Attack- Special attack of Seaking is normal and just comes to 65.

Special Defense- Special Defense of Seaking is good as well and comes to 80.

Speed- Speed of Seaking is 68 which is quite slow.

Total- overall Score of Seakings in Stats is 450.

Moves Learned by Pokemon

Various moves are learnt by a Pokemon at various levels. A few they acquire by Level up and a few by TM.

Moves learned by Level up

  • Initially at level 1 Seaking learns Peck, Supersonic, tail whip and Water Pulse attacks. Where peck is a Flying attack, Supersonic and tail Whip are normal attacks and Water Pulse attack is a water attack. All attack except Supersonic has 100 accuracy where as Supersonic has 55 accuracy.
  • At 15th level Horn Attack which is a normal type attack is learnt by the Seakings which has accuracy 100 and power 65.
  • On reaching level 20 Seaking acquires Agility attack which is a kind of psychic attack .
  • Aqua Ring, a water attack is of level 25.
  • Flail a normal attack of level 30 with accuracy 100.
  • Waterfall attack of level 37 is of water type. it has power 80 and accuracy 100.
  • Soak is of level 44 and is a water attack and has 100 accuracy.
  • Megahorn is a Bug type attack learned at level 51 with accuracy 85 and power 120.
  • Horn Drill, a normal attack is of 58th level with 30 accuracy.

Moves learned by TM

  • HyperBeam is a 8th level normal attack which has 150 power and 90 accuracy.
  • Giga Impact is an attack of level 09 and is a type of normal attack with power 150 and accuracy 90.
  • Rest is a psychic attack of level 21.
  • Protect is a normal attack of level 25.
  • Snore is a normal attack of level 24 with 100 accuracy and 50 power.
  • Icy Wind is an Ice attack of 27 level with accuracy 95 and power 55.
  • Attract is a normal attack of 31 level with a 100 accuracy.
  • Rain Dance is a water attack of level 33.
  • Hail is an Ice attack. It is level 35
  • Whirlpool is a water attack of 36 level. it has power 35 and accuracy 85.
  • Facade is a normal attack of 39 level. It has accuracy 100 and power 70.
  • Swift is a normal attack of 40 level. it has accuracy infinity and power 60.
  • Dive- level 45, water type attack has 100 accuracy and 80 power.
  • Bounce is a flying attack 52 level with power 85 and accuracy 85.
  • Mud shot- Ground attack, level 53, power 55 and accuracy 95.
  • Round is a normal attack of level 76.  it has power of 60 and accuracy of 100.
  • Smart Strike is a Steel attack of 96 level. it has  70 power.

How to find Seaking?

Different Color Seaking are found in Different places. There are various places where one can find them like:

  • Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon Come from Brooklet Hill, Malie Garden.
  • Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee are found at Route 6.
  • Sword and Shield evolve from Goldeen.
  • Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appear at Safari Zone
  • Diamond and Pearl appear at Route 203, 204, 209, 212, 214, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Lake Verity, Resort Area, Sendoff Spring, Twinleaf Town.
  • Platinum appears at Route 202, 203, 204, 208, 209, 212, 214, 229, Celestial Town, Lake Acuity, Lake Valor, Lake Verity, Sendoff Spring, Twinleaf Town.
  • Yellow at Route 24, Cerulean Cave
  • Red and Blue at Route 23, Fuchsia City, Cerulean Cave
  • Fire-red and Leaf-Green at Berry Forest Fuchsia City, Safari Zone.

How Seaking evolves

Goldeen is a water pokemon having #118 as its National index number. On reaching level 33 it converts to Seaking who has a National Index Number #119.

Seaking Evolution chart


How is Seaking useful?

Seaking is a water Pokemon with abundant moves in its pocket. An Awesome Water Pokemon hard to defeat is Seaking. It makes sure that his Owner wins if it starts fighting in the and the opponent has to give up.

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